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The Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing

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In the world of tissues, Kleenex is indisputably the king. You can use the words “tissue” and “Kleenex” interchangeably, much like the phrases “email marketing” and “MailChimp.”

But just because these brands have become the generic trademarks of their industries doesn’t mean they necessarily work for you. (Personally, I really like Puffs – it’s so soft and plushy.) After all, like every nose is different, so is every company.

mailchimp alternatives

So what’s the Puffs of email marketing?

I’ve compiled this handy list of ten MailChimp alternatives for you. Please note that I have put them in no particular order. What works well for one company, might not work at all for another. For a quick glance, check out the graphic below and for more details, keep reading.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a feature-rich solution, as shown in the comparison graphic, and starting at just $15 a month, it’s actually one of the few solutions on this list that comes in cheaper than MailChimp’s paid version! ($10 cheaper, to be specific.) It’s best suited for small to mid-sized companies, but it’s scalable!

What makes it special: GetResponse really does have a TON of features, many of which other vendors don’t even offer. The highlights:

  • The ability to create up to five split tests (the most of any vendor I looked at)
  • A landing page creator.
  • A specialized tool to create marketing tracks for webinars.
  • A drag-and-drop editor.

Capterra reviewers also really like GetResponse, saying it’s easy to use and a great deal for the money.

The downsides: Among the reviews there are a few complaints about customer service not responding and list management being a little difficult.

2. Constant Contact

On our list of the top 20 most popular email marketing software options, Constant Contact is right below MailChimp. Constant Contact is a great email marketing platform for small businesses. The pricing is fairly flexible, and it’s based on how many contacts you email. Pricing starts at $20/month for up to 500 contacts and goes up from there. It’s discounted to $17 for when you prepay for a whole year.

What makes it special: Constant Contact not only markets itself themselves as a solution for small business, they really deliver.

They’re number three in our top 20 most user-friendly email marketing software options. They offer many, many ways for small businesses to learn about email marketing and how to use Constant Contact. Their educational resources include live and on-demand webinars, as well as live classes– day-long courses on how to use the software, held in multiple locations across North America. In addition, they work hard to make putting together emails really intuitive. One of the most interesting things they do is break their 400+ templates into industry and function.

Additionally, Constant Contact has figured out some interesting ways to integrate your email and social media campaigns. First, they have an app that allows them to integrate specially with Hootsuite, so you can do all your posting from one place. Secondly, they allow you to send out special emails that link your customers to Facebook. These emails are designed to encourage your customers to share your emails on Facebook. You can then track your success on social media right in Constant Contact.

The downsides: Constant Contact has a couple of downsides:

  • Usability often comes at the expense of features, and Constant Contact is no exception.
  • There’s no split testing, which is unfortunate because, as everybody knows, marketers love to test campaigns.
  • The campaign features themselves are a little rough, particularly in the area of auto-responses.
  • Constant Contact is also one of the more expensive plans on this list. They charge $20/month for up to 500 users, which is the free level for many of the other options I’ve listed.

3. Emma

Emma is a modern email marketing system, with a pricing model that starts at $89/month.

What makes it special: There are actually a number of factors that make Emma a great solution to consider for your small business:

  • Emma can help you create truly beautiful emails. Its 200+ templates really stand out among all the email marketing services. And when they custom design a template for you, it looks very professional.
  • Perhaps even better, Emma’s reporting features are pretty stellar. Emma not only has easy-to-read reports, Emma actually makes it easy for you to pull out actionable data from the reports.
  • One pretty neat feature is the ability Emma has to put lightbox forms on your website (those forms that pop up when you’re reading an article asking for your email). It’s one of the most effective ways of gathering emails. (We have one. Did you leave your email to get the awesome emails I will send you filled with great information on how to find the perfect email marketing system yet?)
  • Emma also has email automation and dynamic content abilities that are wonderful for beginning automators.

The downsides: Those custom templates I mentioned above… well, they cost extra.

4. AWeber

AWeber is an email solution for small business marketers who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their email marketing campaigns. Their pricing plans start at $19/mo for up to 500 contacts.

What makes it special: AWeber works really hard to live up to their claim of being the best solution for time-strapped email marketers, as I mentioned. One of the greatest ways they do this is by offering 700+ templates. This huge library of templates means you’re pretty unlikely to have to do much customization. Pretty awesome. Oh, also, They also offer up to four split tests at one time! Major brownie points.

The downsides: AWeber’s data import is a bit iffy. If you upload a list, customers may have to reconfirm their subscription to your list.

5. iContact

iContact is geared toward businesses with a smaller email database size, as evidenced by the fact that their most expensive plan is for up to 15,000 contacts. Plans start at $14/mo for 500 contacts. If you prepay annually, you will save 15%.

What Makes It Special: iContact differentiates itself as being easy-to-use for people who have no idea how to use email marketing. And they succeed. One feature I was really impressed with was the Message Coder tool. This tool allows you to customize your email templates without having to know HTML. While most email builders have a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, many of the other solutions on this list only allow you to customize the actual layout of the template with HTML. iContact also provides a large amount of easy to comprehend learning material, including full length articles and live/recorded webinars.

The Downsides: Despite their focus on ease of use, iContact’s interface is fairly clunky. It lacks the streamlined, modern feel that most other solutions have today. You can check out their website (or the above screenshot of their homepage) for a preview of the interface. It’s mostly an aesthetic problem, but ultimately, it depends on your preference as a user. I suggest you sign up for a free trial first to decide for yourself.

6. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is one of the most affordable email marketing solution available today. Their plans start at $10/month for 500 contacts. They also have a free plan that gives you storage for up to 100 subscribers. They’re even willing to customize a plan for you. For the full run down on their pricing plans, compare the various packages on Mad Mimi’s website.

What makes it special: I LOVE Mad Mimi. And they deserve my love for a couple of reasons:

  • They have insanely awesome customer service. I say this from personal experience. I chatted with all of the vendors on this list that offer an IM feature on their site. Only Mad Mimi’s representative (Brad, I think?) responded in a friendly manner. Further, he was the most helpful of all the representatives I chatted with. For this reason alone, Mad Mimi earned my eternal love.
  • Emails you send with Mad Mimi are 100% customizable, and it’s really easy to modify them. No HTML knowledge necessary; just design away.
  • This solution is super simple, which makes it ideal for beginning email marketers. They’re our sixth most user-friendly email marketing software option. Create your emails and send them out.

The downsides: For a start, Mad Mimi’s emails are 100% customizable because they don’t have any templates. But Brad assured me that this wasn’t an issue because you have access to a large gallery of stock photos, and the emails are really easy to build. The other big thing is that Mad Mimi is missing a lot of features, including the ability to split test. Ouch.

7. SendInBlue

SendInBlue has a super flexible pricing plan, as well. They have eight plans, including a free version that sends up to 9,000 emails a month, that run the gamut for any business size. Their first paid package is $7.37/month for 40,000 emails/month. None of their plans have a limit on contacts.

What makes it special: SendInBlue is a bit of a dark horseit’s not a very well known solution, but most people who use it seem to love it. SendInBlue’s pricing, as I said, is really awesome, especially because they make it fairly customizable for your business size. Also, if you’re looking for an easy uploader, SendInBlue is your go-to solution. SendInBlue makes uploading contact lists super easy.

The downsides: The biggest one I could find is that while SendInBlue does allow you to embed social media sharing buttons in your emails, they make it a little difficult. You have to put all the social media buttons they have in the template, regardless of whether or not you use that platform.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a great option for any business size. They offer an extremely flexible pricing plan for any business, from small to enterprise. Prices start at just $9/mo for 500 contacts.

What makes it special:

  • ActiveCampaign’s email management abilities are all-around solid, from the split testing to the functionality to create special date-based campaigns. (You can send customer birthday emails, for instance.)
  • And as another plus, ActiveCampaign makes it seriously simple to upload contacts. In fact, they are the only solution I’ve found that allows you to sync your contact info from a third-party program, like such as your company’s CRM.
  • They also have a phenomenal drag-and-drop interface.
  • Users love the remarketing abilities

The downsides: ActiveCampaign’s list-building tool is rough. It does not allow you to split or merge lists easily.

9. Freshmail

Freshmail is the perfect solution for experienced email marketers who are ready for a little bit of marketing automation action. Freshmail teeters on the edge of email marketing and marketing automation software, and ultimately, I’d place it as an extremely lightweight marketing automation solution. However, it’s on this list because it’s extraordinarily well priced. At $14/mo for 1,000 subscribers it can easily compete price-wise with any of the other systems.

Freshmail’s pricing scheme is very flexible and also features a pay-as-you go option, starting at $7 for 1,000 emails. Freshmail even has a freemium plan! For absolutely nothing, you get unlimited emails to 500 contacts. And Freshmail only gets sweeter as we dive into the details.

What makes it special: Reviewers love Freshmail for a number of reasons:

  • You can import contacts from any other service, including . .CSV, Gmail and your CRM. All of them.
  • Because it’s a lightweight marketing automation system, you can automate email tracks, and use dynamic content. Hot dog!
  • You can import your own templates to Freshmail, or export Freshmail templates to customize in whatever programs you choose to use.
  • Freshmail can create barcodes to send out in emails, making it perfect for retailers looking to send out discounts.
  • And they A/B test!

10. SimplyCast

SimplyCast has four plans and you can pay a la carte for contacts and email sends. The way the pricing works is that you can either choose “contacts,” to which you can send as many emails as you like over the course of the month, or you can choose “sends.” The way sends work is that you can send that many total emails in the course of the a month. So, if you were to choose 1000 email sends, you get $3/month. You pay for what you need and not what you don’t. 

What Makes It Special: SimplyCast has great reporting functionality. The reporting was built for someone who is not very familiar with email marketing, so it’s extremely easy to set up and understand.

The Downsides: The only big downside to SimplyCast is that some Capterra reviewers have complaints about support being unhelpful and unreliable.  

11. Campayn

Campayn is competitively priced, with their its first paid plan coming in at $10/month for 1,000 subscribers. They have a pay-as-you-go plan that starts at $50 for 5,000 emails. Additionally, they have a freemium plan: 20,000 emails to 500 subscribers.

What makes it special: Campayn has the ability to embed sign-up forms for subscribers on your website, which makes it easy to collect emails from visitors. Reviews also mention that the service has a phenomenal customer service team who helped minimize issues that could have been potentially serious. An example mentioned was that the reviewer had trouble importing contacts, so the customer service agent actually took his list and did it for him!

The downsides:

  • Obviously, as mentioned above, it does seem to be a bit tricky to import contacts, but the customer service team will solve that problem for you.
  • Campayn can get pricey. The plans I mentioned above are good for one user. To add multiple users to your plan, you actually have to separately purchase multi-user accounts. They start at $39/month for 15 people. (The good news about that is you’d have to be a very large business to need more than 15 users.) That means, a plan for 10,000 subscribers and three users (a very normal amount of subscribers/users) comes to a whopping $79/month.

12. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is the cheapest solution on this list. When paid annually, you can send an unlimited amount of emails to 5,000 subscribers for $6.66! (When paid monthly, it’s $10.) Its free plan is also the most generous on this list, at unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers.

What makes it special: Mailerlite is perfect for first time email marketers. As its name suggests, it’s extremely lightweight, with a focus on making it easy to create and send out an email. It has a drag-and-drop editor, with a built-in photo editor. Mailerlite has A/B testing, basic autoresponse capabilities and the ability to embed sign-up forms on your website. Additionally, they have an iPad sign-up app, so that you can gather emails in person.

The downsides: As mentioned, Mailerlite is extremely lightweight. If Freshmail is for experienced marketers, Mailerlite is for first-time senders. Furthermore, there is a likelihood that as you get more experienced, Mailerlite will have difficulty keeping up with your abilities.


So those are my suggestions for the top ten Mailchimp alternatives to consider for your small business. Do you use any of the above, or do you prefer the tried-and-true, Mailchimp? Or is there another email marketing solution I’ve missed here? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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thanks for sharing the list of email marketing platforms, but beside of SendInBlue there aren’t anything new. I would recommend to review newer services like: or It could be refreshing alternatives 🙂

Thank you for this article, I wanted to find an alternative solution to mailchimp. I needed to send one email per month to c.4,000 customers, and mailchimp was too expensive for just that. I am going to try SendinBlue, it seems like their pricing is more flexible and adapted to my needs 😉

Donia – Great to hear that this helped you!

Jon – I’ll definitely look into those when I go to update this article!

Thanks, Cara

Just to note that mailchimp don’t allow you to do mailings for financial services products.

My wife is a mortgage consultant and we wanted to create a campaign to send emails to existing mortgage customers and mailchimp would not allow it.

Check what is and is allowed depending on your vertical when choosing a vendor.

Gary, thanks so much for pointing that out! That is a really great thing to keep in mind.

Hey Cara,

What a detailed comparison, I am really impressed by the review.
By the way I have also reviewed some of the similar SAAS email services in my latest blog post located here:
Let me how do you feel about it.

I started with Constant Contact then tried Mailchimp and Aweber not now I’m using Campayn and I truly LOVE it because it’s really simple and the emails look gorge! The prices are a little better too.

I have tried mailchimp but unable to send email successfully due to some violations of terms which I do not understand. Is there other MailChimp Alternatives that is free?

Thanks for including Emma in your analysis, Cara! This is a great resource and I’m sure it’s helping tons of folks find a service that’s right for them. I did want to point out a couple of things that might make your review of us a little more helpful to your readers. Along with those beautiful templates you mentioned (actually, over 200 of them), we do, in fact , have a pretty fantastic split testing feature we’re proud of, along with powerful Automation features for more personalized, realtime messaging, unlimited audience segments, fields and groups, and visual click maps for seeing how and when people interact with your email. Again, very much appreciate being included, hope this extra detail is helpful to your readers! Cheers, Grey

Thanks for including that note, Grey! I really appreciate it!

Great post !

sendinblue gives awesome features to free users too. Cool

Nice post . Great alternatives suggested!

I still wonder what’s the big deal behind all this that these guys generally charge outrageous amounts… Just imagine $10/month for 500 contacts…

MailerLite offers free forever plan for up to 1000 subscribers. You can use all the features (including autoresponders) and send unlimited email to the readers. Check it out:

Hello! Cara
I really want to thank you for this very informative blogs, I like to know about some more tools apart from mail chimp that was useful for email marketing.

I just started using Send in Blue and am quite happy with it.
One thing I wanted to correct: It actually let you delete out social share buttons that you don’t want to have in your email. 🙂

Thanks for such useful list autoresponders. Well for small site owners like me, I suggests other you to go for Mailchimp or Sendin free plans. They are great and best options for newbies.

You can also try and Emailfy :

Prices are great and app is ok. It’s really easy for use, but have a lot of options. And app is cheap !

Thank you for the list.
I signed up for mailchimp and sent a SINGLE email to test and immediately got blocked. Then they sent me an email saying plainly “We don’t want to work with you…go find another service!”
What a crappy company

After reading this article on sat I signed up for Sendin blue it seemed so simple and easy unfortunately it won’t let me send a test email and after several attempts to get support I will need to consider other mail programs. Thanks for a really decent well written article.

Great article Cara 🙂

I’m using Sendinblue right now and I’m pretty happy with the features and their low prices. Plus it’s easy to use. So yeah it’s a great alternative to the chimp!

I have just decided tonite that I am going to trash mailchimp. I have tried to get it to capture email addresses with an embedded form, and I haven’t been able to make it work the way I want to. I don’t see what is so hot about mailchimp. I’m thinking that they are making a big mistake by limiting their features and support for free customers. It seems to me that if they would provide email support for beginners and give them more attention, then those people would naturally become paying customers after their customer numbers increased. Mailchimp obviously doesn’t agree with this. Goodbye MailChimp ! ! !

I have read more than a couple of third party reviews of email marketing software. However, none of these reviews discuss delivery rates i.e. what % of emails actually are “delivered”? Are all software programs equal in this regard or are some better than others in ensuring your email is delivered.

Surely, this is the most important criteria. I would imagine far more important than having pretty pictures in your newsletter or how many templates there are in a particular email marketing program. Yet, no reviews ever touch on this important factor. Can anyone throw some light on this issue? As I am amazed that reviewers don’t comment on what is the most important criteria for users of email marketing software programs.

Thank you in advance.

P. Ridge – No one really talks about this because it doesn’t have anything to do with the software. That is, the delivery rate depends upon the email servers of those you are emailing. All the software is capable of delivering 100% of your emails, provided the receivers have given you good emails, etc.

Nice post! I love GetResponse!

I thought the list was perfect! I didn’t know about many of the free options.

[…] one of the top email marketing services for low-cost, high-return campaigns. However, here are a host of other email marketing services to investigate. Emma, for example, is great for reaching a larger base of prospects, and Constant […]

We’ve tried most of these but have been most satisfied with SendInBlue. Their system was incredibly easy to use and any questions have always been promptly responded to via email. I use them to send scheduled, weekly campaigns to targeted lists as well as isolated campaigns going out to tens of thousands of contacts. They’ve handled both scenarios beautifully and continue to be the company I recommend.

I’ve used Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact and Emma FYI.

Hope this helps someone!

Just registered with SendinBlue.

I imported 70 of my customers and prepared my first campaign. I spend like 6 hours setting up everything. When i pressed the send button I received this :

Unfortunately, after reviewing your account, we found that your operations/processes, content or database don’t comply with those of our target clients and our policies.
SendinBlue Customer Service

What a waist of time …

This is a nice post. I would mention also Activetrail

We switched to SendinBLue from MailChimp ( after many years) because our prices were increasing and Chimps site was getting too confusing. We have been SO happy with this switch! SendinBlue is VERY EASY to use (much more intuitive than Chimp) and thus I SAVE lots of time. I was able to call and be helped by a very nice (real) person when we were setting up too. SendinBlue prices are much more reasonable for our small company. And for some reason more of our emails are being opened now! Not sure if that has anything to do with SendinBlue but we sure are happy with our switch.

[…] I’ve used MailChimp in my business for over three years now, and I love it – but there are a HEAP of other options. […]

[…] are lots of valid MailChimp alternatives if you’re not sold on them. Check out this article for more […]

Hi there, This is a great list.

I have been testing Moosend as well.

So far it seems like a great MailChimp alternative. They have a free account that you can test and send up to 2.000 emails.

Their support is excellent- they reply extremely quickly and kindly. I read some raving reviews about their support here on capterra .

Check them out here:

Nice comparison, though I think I’ll stick with GetResponse.

Hi, I was wondering which was best in terms of more emails going through (not being caught as spam) and also in terms of providing results (i.e. bounces/click throughs etc. etc.).

[…] to MailChimp, Emma is a less famous option (but one that is steadily growing). Though they do not currently offer a free plan option, they […]


I just come back to this excellent list to search for some alternative, after having many problems with SendInBlue.

This is our case:

Our website contains educational resources for teachers and families: no drugs, no sex, no free money or physical enhancements.

We have up to 200.000 subscribers in our website. All of them have accepted to receive the newsletter. More or less, 40% have Hotmail accounts.

We began to have “expired soft-bounce” for these Hotmail accounts. But the final disaster came with our last campaign. Even some customers who used to open and click have not received the newsletter.

I’m pretty sure that we made some mistake with our emails but, during this time, after asking many times for their help, the only advice from SendInBlue was: “You should send the newsletter to the accounts that are going to open it”.

Great! Why should anyone need an email marketing solution if this is the way to send a newsletter?

Every newsletter has different people opening it. The subject and text of a campaign vary from a campaign to another, and they will have interest for different user profiles.

What is the usual opening / clicking ratio of a normal campaign? With this advice, this ratio will quickly reach 100%.

My opinion on SendInBlue: Good product, bad support.

Thanks for sharing!

Great list thanks!

Hello Cara,
Very brilliant insight you have given in this article, and its really helping us out while evaluating the systems as we are trying to choose one for our company. The Mailchimp is really nasty with its Omnivore system which they have employed as it causes accounts to be blocked with no reason. They say its there policy violation and their team interacts in a very unkind way , a bit too much arrogance. It would be great if you also mail us a good suggestion in email marketing. So far, during evaluation process, FirstMail has seemed good. Thanks once again for brilliant research, pros & cons listing for each system you did.

I need to say that you should never trust mailchimp. They also own mandrill.
We have optin member base which is return path verified (top level status) & this email deliver company have been fully pause our emails with little/no notice and disable links too.
They seriously don’t give a shit when they cause this damage – mind blowing they sell themselves as great partner for small/medium businesses – total vampires who provide 2 line replies then pause you.

I do not recommend SendInBlue. They attract you with very low prices (5,4 euros for 40000 emails/month) but once you have created and payed your account, once you spent may hours preparing and importing your adresses, preparing and testing your first campaign, the suddenly announce that their system “has detected some problems with your adresses” and that you should buy a dedicated IP for… 120 euros/year. Despite many mail exchanges I never got an answer at the question : “what are those problems ?”, “how can I solve them”. Thus, the low price offer is just bullshit to get you start working with them.

Hi Cara,

Love the article! Recently I did a job for a customer and had to use his mass mailing app called eflyermaker, and I gotta say it worked great. Integration was easy, I didn’t have to bother about CASL cause the template was already made compliant for me, and the pricing looked good. The tool was easy to use, no matter what your level of email knowledge is. From basic creation, to already customizable templates, to the drag n’drop tool and the easy integration, anybody can use it. Check it out! I really liked it!

Hi Cara,

Thanks a lot for your list! This is very helpful 🙂 I also saw a full comparison (which is also up to date) of SendinBlue vs MailChimp when I visited their website:

I hope this would help!

Thank you for your article Cara. Great information. I’ve been using MailChimp and have recently started seeing warning messages like this:

“Deliverability warning
Subscribers with Gmail addresses might not receive MailChimp campaigns with a Gmail From email address. This is because several free email providers have changed their authentication policies. Yahoo and AOL already have these policies in place. Gmail, Hotmail, and others are set to implement them soon.

To avoid the risk of delivery issues, use a From email address at your own custom domain.”

I don’t have my own domain email so I must use a “gmail” address. Will I have the same problems regardless of the application I use or is there a service that can get around this issue?

Thank you,

We have been using Mailchimp and Mandrill for long time, but I am very disgusting to see that Mandrill is now being part of Mailchimp forcing to have a subscription with them. I am exploring other alternatives such as Amazon SES to deliver emails from a WordPress blog using MyMail. So far, so good.

We’ve begun using EmailOctopus, which offers many of the features that these bigger competitors do. The main difference though is that delivery is done by Amazon SES, as opposed to the platform itself.

Our marketing costs were around about £1000 a month previously, that’s come down to around £90 a month after the switch and we’re maintaining conversion rates.

I created the account with Sendinblue on 19 June based on my research in this blog. Their monthly plan suited my requirement, so I uploaded all my contacts and then went to create the Campaign. I had a tough time creating compaign when compared to Mailchimp and Zoho. When I tried to send a test email, I got the message that the account needs to be validated and it will take 24 hours to get completed. I waited until today 22 June and then opened a ticket with them. Within 2 hours they replied mentioning that “your operations/processes don´t comply with those of our target clients and our policies.”

My effort of around 4 to 6 hours wasted with this company. I sent emails with mailchimp and zoho very easily, the only limitation is that their free plan limits 2000 contacts and I have 4000 contacts to email.

My advice based on my experience with their campaign designer and their service is stay away from them, there are plenty of service providers who are better than sendinblue.


So sorry to hear that Sendinblue didn’t work out well at all! Thanks for sharing your experience here. I’m glad to know that MailChimp and Zoho work so well for you, though!

[…] 10 alternatives a Mailchimp (Article en anglais) […]

It appears that there is a coverage gap in this article – what about open source and free software such as phpList? Why no discussion on saving thousands per year when you install an open source solution?

Hi Senthil,

Thank you for letting us know about your experience. I’m so sorry that the validation process caused frustration for you.

Our team talks with every new SendinBlue user to confirm that their contacts are 100% opt-in and have not been listed for previous sending issues. While this may seem like a process, it’s essential to protect our users and ensure they understand the applicable regulations around email and SMS communications. It’s also our way of ensuring SendinBlue users are setup to be as successful as possible in their marketing efforts, while also helping limit unwanted messages from being sent out from our service.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, we’d be happy to talk with you. You can reach us at Thanks!

The SendinBlue Team

Nice list! GetResponse also offers now marketing automation.

I’ve been using Mailchimps free plan, but am not a load to try to send Affilate links, which I’d like to be able to do.

a Big NO to sendinblue. The “free” is just to lure you. They will ask you to purchase dedicated IP package and list all issues with your subscriber.
I never have issue with my subscriber with others.

sendinblue response to your any technical question: “buy the package or leave”
Nope, not buying with that attitude

Hi Selvine,

Thanks for taking time to share your experience.

I’m sorry to hear that you felt our position on opt-in contacts is unclear. Because this is such an important aspect of any successful email marketing strategy, we strive to be very transparent about about this requirement. Sending to opt-in contacts ensures that our users respect all applicable laws relating to email marketing, and limits unwanted messages sent from our system. It’s also our way of helping our users be as successful as possible in their marketing efforts, since messaging opt-in contacts also produces the best engagement.

To help make users aware of the opt-in contacts requirement, we include check-boxes that must be acknowledged by SendinBlue users when completing their account profile, and when uploading new contact lists to our platform. Contacts may not be imported to SendinBlue without first affirming that the contact list is opt-in. We also include information about this opt-in policy in our onboarding email series to new users, and on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please feel free to contact our customer care team and we would be glad to assist you. Our U.S.-based team is available by phone Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm Pacific Time (1-844-744-2639), or you can reach our global team anytime by emailing

Thanks again for taking time to give SendinBlue a try!

Kind regards,
The SendinBlue Team

SendinBlue is a much better alternative than MailChimp. Thanks for sharing!

I opened a free account with MailChimp and liked the ease of sending newsletters. Then I had more audience and needed to buy the 5000 list. Filled out all the forms. And the form stopped at PayPal and said they would connect me and nothing happened. I have written 4 times to MailChimp and so far have not received a reply. Their lack of direct customer contact is appalling.

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Great comparison!
One idea for you: break down the price in a second column by “price per subscriber”. This way it’s easier to compare prices, since every service has a different number of subscribers in their cheapest plans.
Oh, and give a look at, seems promising 😉

Hello Cara,
Thanks for the MailChimp alternatives, we are trying freshmail now!

[…] 12 February 2017). Wood, C. (no date) Capterra sales & marketing tech Blog. Available at: (Accessed: 12 February 2017). Zapier (no date) The 25 best Email marketing and newsletter Apps. […]

Hello Cara,
I believe MailUp ( is missing in this list. We are one of the largest ESP in Europe but with clients all around the world (9 languages supported), 140 employees, listed on AIM stock exchange, 20m+ revenue. The details for your table would be:

PRICING: $34/mo for unlimited subscribers
# A/B TEST: Unlimited


Great list,
Currently missing Revue on it. Great product focussed on content curating and personal newsletters. Would be great to see it in the list.

Thanks for all the options! I have a question I have been trying to get an answer to, If I start with a company and grow my list, Is there a way to back it up or move it to another provider if it’s just not working for me.

How do I make sure I keep all my contacts?

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Hello, very useful article indeed. My personal experience is that Mailchimp is really one of the best, used it for years, never had a problem, but it is really expensive. Tried sendinblue but they didnt’t let me get in though I paid for my account and having done all the preparation to send the 1st newsletter and provided them all the details from my previous site to check from where I had the details the finally told me I couldn’t have an account there! At least they should verify your account before you hit the send button. Once tried also mooned but didn’t find it that good and their customer service was a bit snooty. Maybe this time I will try emailfy, their pricing seems reasonable…

Hi Lenka,

Thank you for letting us know about your experience with SendinBlue. I’m so sorry that the validation process caused frustration for you.

Our team talks with every new SendinBlue user to confirm that their contacts are 100% opt-in and have given their approval to receive messages. This is essential to protect our users and ensure they understand the applicable regulations around email and SMS communications. It’s also our way of ensuring SendinBlue users are setup to be as successful as possible in their marketing efforts, while also helping limit unwanted messages from being sent out from our service.

While we strive to be transparent about our account validation process and opt-in contacts requirements, we understand that our service won’t be a good fit for everyone. Even when SendinBlue isn’t the right fit, our goal is to be respectful and helpful to our customers. I would certainly like to help make the situation right for you and offer a refund for any unused credits in your account if you have made a purchase.

Since your contact information is private, please contact me at with Attn: Adrien in the subject line. If you would include a link to this post and let us know the email address associated with your SendinBlue account, we will be able to locate your account and process a refund for you.

Thanks again for giving SendinBlue a try.

The SendinBlue Team

Hello Cara,

Very nice list.

May I suggest this one, it’s 25x cheaper than Mailchimp:

Mailerking –

I see that all of them are priced at $10 a month for 1000 or 2000 subscribers. Is it worth to pay them $10 or more for emails?

Hi Yogesh, There is one option on the list (SendinBlue) that allows you to have unlimited contacts on your list and choose a plan based on the number of emails you want to send. You can send up to 40k emails per month for just $7.37. 🙂

It would be great to include Retainly in your article too. It has taken the world by storm, and is by far the most affordable email marketing automation software.

Most of these are actually way expensive than Mailchimp. But still appreciate your reviews

Hey Cara, I think Send in blue is the best email marketing software in the market because it offers so much than mailchimp and use it to send to my B2B email list that I bought on or don’t remeber but worked well. Since I don’t use this software anymore because I was hired in a company and can’t have any side business.


Thanks for posting the list! I’d be especially interested in GetResponse. I think they also offer now marketing automation. I wonder what others think about it?

I had exactly the same experience as Senthil Ganapathi where I was refused validation on the grounds that (QUOTE) “we would like to notify that the security algorithms have refused to validate your account , this could be because of past history of the sender, too many spam complaints received in the past from your previous engagements , might have hit a spam trap etc”
This is despite never having used them before or sending an email throug them.
Crap service to have to go through all the bother of importing a list, designing a template and then waiting over 24 hours to find out I’d been a “naughty boy” in another incarnation. Go Elsewhere!!

It’s upsetting to see my email marketing company isn’t on here! FireDrum Email Marketing is awesome. I’ve been using them for over two years and haven’t found anything to complain about. Their pricing starts at $5/month at 500 subscribers with access to all features and tools.

What makes it special: Drag and drop email builder, auto-sender features, auto-resend features, and built-in stock photo/background features.

The downsides: Interesting user interface. I’ve never used a software or app like it, but once you’re used to it, it’s easy.

Learn about them:

Well said..
Thanks for sharing !!!

We are 8x cheaper than Mailchimp, provide 24/7 live chat customer support, and offer 99% email delivery. We also offer email automation.

See our price comparison:

As Marcin says, it’s quite puzzling that phpList (or other free/libre open source software) was not mentioned. It’s also provided as a hosted service.

In my experience, when conducting an email campaign, you’re very likely to find that you have some specific needs; only free software guarantees it’s possible to adapt it as needed. Also, without source code it’s really hard to test and verify all the claims above. In such a crowded market, you cannot hope to test all possible solutions, but you can start with the products which are based on a reliable and trasparent development process.

Why bother making a graphic (the comparison chart) if it’s too small to even read?

Every software category has a company or two that delivers a great product and a great brand experience. Helpdesk has Zendesk, and team collaboration has Slack. Email marketing has MailChimp.

With its easy-to-use interface, impressive array of features, and postal worker chimpanzee, MailChimp has won over a lot of email marketers. The software is so popular that people used it to send over 1 billion emails on Black Friday last year.

MailChimp consistently publishes informative data about how marketers are using their platform, and they run some great advertising campaigns that only make the company easier to love (Mailkimp anyone?).

Despite its impressive pedigree, MailChimp isn’t for everyone.

If you’re looking for a monkey-free email solution, you have plenty of options to consider. Here is one of the best MailChimp alternative – SwipeMail.

If you Google “SwipeMail,” you’ll see a PPC ad for MailChimp at the top of the search results page. This means MailChimp targets the same type of people who may also like SwipeMail.

Ease of use will almost always dictate how you feel about a software product. Too often, business software sacrifices the user experience in the name of a longer feature list.

Not SwipeMail.

SwipeMail offers a feature set that’s well-rouned without degrading the user experience. SwipeMail provides 24×7 Rapid ActionSupport that is their customer support service, available all the while.

SwipeMail Pricing is 75% less than MailChimps pricing.

Check out the most distruptive pricing of SwipeMail.

Thanks for the very helpfull article Cathy,

Please add & since they provide google analytics tracking. free plan allows 2.000 subscribers/14.000 newsletters/month (which is incredible).

I’ve been with SendInBlue for a year now..and i’m telling you don’t be fooled by SendInBlue cheap cost lure…after I signed up they asked me to buy the dedicated IP and domain name after they ‘evaluate’ your contact list. The dedicated IP is 100+ euros, the domain was free though (and now expired and i can’t do nothing about it since they are the ones who registered it). Their support has gone from good to pathetic. I literally had to tell their puzzled support that my IP has expired and i cannot renew because of some weird payment error. I have been a user of MadMimi, GetResponse, and MailChimp, and they all have their positives and negatives, now we’re considering running our own email marketing platform in-house.

Relatively new guys on the block is who are targeting mailchimp ( with a similar free plan
I was talking them direct earlier this year about plans for 2018 so hopefully looking forward to a good experience, especially with their Smart Send feature.

Thanks for the views on SendinBlue (especially the dedicated IP upsell) as I was also going to give them an optimistic tryout.

Bitrix24 should be included on the list. It’s a free CRM that comes with email marketing, sales automation, etc. Unlike other email marketing solution. Bitrix24 also gives you bulk SMS, instant message campaigns, voice broadcasting (robocalling), etc.

Same goes for Hubspot as well, they have pretty powerful email automation options, though unlike Bitrix24, they aren’t free or cheap.


Thanks for clearing out the doubts. I am a newbie, so I guess, mailerlite is the best one to go with.


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