Top 10 Things I Learned At Capterra’s Holiday Party

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1. You will be judged for monopolizing the photo booth (so what if I pushed a few 4 year olds out of the way).

2. Tea lights and flammable centerpieces lead to fires. Luckily, wine puts out fires quite nicely.

3. Cheese cubes are not nearly as popular as the caterers lead you to believe.

4. If a wife beats her husband at ping pong…even 7 years ago… he never forgets.

5. Gluten free cupcakes really are just as good as the gluten-filled ones.

6. You’re never too young or too old for the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

7. You can run but you can’t hide from scary Santa.

8. Mulled wine is a lot more popular than sparkling cider.

9. Even if you missed your holiday party, you didn’t really miss it because the full spread is in your office fridge Monday morning.

10. You can say “Merry Blah Blah” all you want, but there are no Capterra Grinches.

What did you learn at your office’s holiday party?

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Besa Pinchotti

Besa Pinchotti is Marketing Director at Capterra. By day, she helps connect buyers and sellers of business software. By night, she uses her skills as a former journalist to tell the stories of troubled software buyers so the world can learn from their lessons.


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