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11 Best Business Intelligence Podcasts

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Update 10/16/17: This post has been updated to include new podcasts and updated information for the original options.

If you’re like me, you try to start the morning by reading about industry trends. The more informed you are, the better your work will be.

If you’re like me, you actually start the morning opening and answering emails, responding to social media messages, checking the calendar for the upcoming weeks, and prepping for the 11:30 a.m. meeting, which, by the way, is in five minutes.


Time flies when you have good intentions.

The solution to staying apprised of industry trends while getting everything else done? Podcasts. You can download the same timely information that’s generally read in online articles, listen to it on your mobile device on the way into work, and start the day before you’re on the job.

To help with this, I’ve assembled the top 11 business intelligence podcasts that can turn your commute into a resource. 

1. Data Stories

Who’s interested in data visualization?


You should be, too, because data visualizations are the quickest way to tell a story with your data. Data Stories provides great examples of just such stories. Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner’s brainchild has, to date, an impressive 106 episodes on everything from teaching data visualization to elementary schoolers to comics as data visualization.

2. Data Science at Home

This one’s targeted at small and medium enterprises, but the topics are educational for anyone interested in the business applications of data. Or just data science, for that matter: the podcast’s most recent episode, “How to Handle Imbalanced Datasets,” discusses skills necessary to any data scientist.


3. IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub

Since this podcast is from IBM, it’s focused on enterprise-size businesses. However, the insights about the sheer range of things data and analytics will revolutionize makes it worth a listen. There’s a lot of valuable information here about the role analytics can play in the public sphere, from cyber security whether machine learning threatens our jobs to how data could revolutionize your client relationships.

4. Linear Digressions

Linear Digressions is about issues in the world of big data, machine learning, and AI.

Their most recent new post (as of my writing) is on open source software. Ever wondered how Amazon or Google can make hilariously wrong guesses about what you might be interested in? They’ve got a podcast on that, too.

5. O’Reilly Data Show Podcast


O’Reilly has a range of useful big data-related podcasts (check the bottom of this page for the list), but if you’re interested in BI, you’ll want to check out the Data Show. The topics have more to do with the business applications of big data (that is, business intelligence). Data Show is also useful if you’re starting off in trying to understand what BI is, and what it does in the real world. For instance: you may not know R from Python, but you’re probably interested inwhether cities could be made safer by letting cars’ computers “talk” to each other.

6. This Week in Machine Learning and AI

Twimlai offers great information, but it’s also frequently updated. That may not sound like much, but a lot of podcasts peter out after awhile. Instead, twimlai will keep you up to date on technology such as Intel’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence initiatives.

7. DataSkeptic

I love it when podcasts think from the listener’s point of view. Rather than sticking to 40-50 minute episodes, Kyle Polich’s guide to data combines standard long-form casts with shorter, 10-15 minute definitions and explanations of basic concepts and terms. It’s sort of like data Sesame Street, alternating between short, controlled bursts of learning, and the longer narrative segments with the muppets.

Points for the slick logo, too.

8. Talking Machines

Business intelligence is all about asking the right questions to turn data into answers. Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams’ podcast asks the right questions about machine learning to help you understand how business intelligence works. Recent episodes tackle topics such as the public perception of artificial intelligence, and the conflict between frequentists and Bayesians.

9. Digital Analytics Power Hour

Digital Analytics Power Hour wins for best title and best concept. It wins best title for what I hope are obvious reasons, and concept for its unorthodox take: since the best conversations are usually 1) informal and 2) over drinks, hosts Michael Helbling and Tim Wilson decided to transfer this relaxed atmosphere to a podcast about the buttoned-down world of data analytics. Episodes cover everything from how to sell a decision-maker on digital analytics to how to handle things as a one-person analytics team.

10. AnalyticsWeek’s Future of Data

The Future of Data podcast is a great resource if you want to see how big enterprise players have managed their data and analytics projects. Guests in the past three months include data workers from big name companies such as TiVo, Booz Allen Hamilton, and TripAdvisor.

11. The 10 Minute Business Analytics Podcast

I love it when people know their audience, and that’s exactly what the folks at The 10 Minute Business Analytics Podcast know. If you work with data, or want to learn about data, odds are good that you’re overworked. That’s why business intelligence software vendor Numetric’s online radio program is so useful: three or four times a month, you’ll get a 10-15 minute quick fix of information about useful business applications of analytics, such as how it applies to omnichannel marketing, or location intelligence. An historical plus is the September 12, 2017 program, where data warehouse pioneer Barry Devlin is interviewed.

Did I miss any great BI podcasts?

If you listen to (or run) a business intelligence or data science podcast I missed, please let me know in the comments below!

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What about the 10 Minute Business Analytics Podcast?

Comment by Saul Cruz on

One of my favorites is Not So Standard Deviations with Hillary Parker and Roger Peng, it is not very technical, they talk about trends, methods and tell funny stories related to data science, basically it is more about an overview of how data scientists try to solve different problems, tools, methods, etc. Very similar to Data Skeptic.

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