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UPDATED 7/20/2016: We’ve made a few shifts in the list to bring you new resources and to keep things lively.

In 2000, moving a box from Tennessee to California followed roughly the same path it had for decades. Fifteen years later, the process has changed in small but incredibly meaningful ways. The logistics and shipping industries are in the middle of a renaissance. The growth of connected devices, robotic warehouse management systems, and consumer demand for accountability and transparency is molding the sector into something new and beautiful.

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That’s not to say that the 40’ container is going to disappear, but times are changing – see Red Stag Fulfilment’s Future of Distribution piece. Businesses wanting to stay on the cutting edge need to keep themselves well-informed about what’s coming next. Here are eleven resources to keep your business in the know.


Logistics Viewpoints – Founded in 2009, Logistics Viewpoints is run by the ARC Advisory Group, which provides supply chain related consulting services. The blog provides case studies, best practices, and a weekly update on what’s going on in the world of logistics.

Logistics Viewpoints is a great place to keep up to date with the biggest changes across this broad sector.

Logistics Management Blog – The Logistics Management Blog is associated with the Logistics Management magazine – see below – and focuses on news in the logistics world. There’s less information for businesses owners to put to practical use, with more focus on events and changes affecting the industry.

A good way to think about the Logistics Management Blog is as a – slightly opinionated – news outlet.

UPS Longitudes Blog – Brought to you by the company that brought everything else to you. UPS has made a science of delivery and the company’s blog reflects that fact. The focus here is on large changes and trends in the world of logistics and shipping. Articles often cover high-level changes and trends waiting to trickle down to smaller shippers.

Reading the UPS blog is often like looking a year or so into the future. You can see the changes coming down the road (Millennials in Latin America, Using Data to Understand Overseas Markets, etc.) before they impact your day-to-day.

Ryder Exchange – The official blog of Ryder, this one covers a range of topics, including fleet management and supply chain management. With regular updates – something that’s difficult to find in the industry – Ryder taps plenty of specialists and thought leaders for insight into the whole industry.

An excellent resource for anyone in logistics, but especially good for folks who manage fleets.


Smart Chain: Supply Chain and Innovation Summit – Held from October 24 – 25, 2016 in Miami, the Smart Chain brings together some of the biggest names in logistics in the world’s Miamiest city – you can get a Cuban sandwich delivered in, like, no time. Discussions range from the academic to the practical, and the conference has programming available for all manner of businesses.

Registration will set you back $1,295.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference – CSCMP’s conference is held from September 25 – 28 in Orlando – well, Kissimmee, which is like if Orlando had nothing going on itself, but happened to be near neat place. Last year, attendees came from 39 countries and 47 states to discuss and learn, and talks cover a broad swath of topics. Sponsors and attendees range from Amazon.com to Ernst and Young to Starbucks. This one is huge.

Individual registration starts at $2,490 for non-council members and $1,895 for members. There are deep discounts for educators, students, and young professionals.


Logistics ManagementLogistics Management is a free digital magazine – it also has a free print version. So I guess it’s just a free magazine, no modifier required. The magazine covers just about everything a logistics lover could be looking for. Articles range from regulation to case studies, and are penned by some of the best in the business. Logistics Management sets the bar for content very high.

DC VelocityDC Velocity is another free magazine – online and print – covering the logistics industry. The magazine runs surveys, talks about best practices, and benchmarks businesses in the industry. DC Velocity also provides coverage on labor and management trends, which have been especially relevant this year, due to the strikes on the West Coast.

CCJThe Commercial Carrier Journal is focused specifically on freight transportation – it’s also free. A lot of the articles are releases focused on the trucking industry, with detailed best practices and equipment overviews. For companies focused on shipping overland, CCJ is a must read.


Logistics List – Yes. This list includes a link to another list – it’s very meta. Logistics List is a great collection of resources in the logistics industry. In addition to blogs, magazines, and other content, Logistics List provides listings of logistics companies by state and some technology listings. You can also find out which schools offer logistics degrees and where to get CDL training. It’s all there.

Capterra’s Logistics Software Directory – A massive listing of logistics and related software, all sortable by features and specialties. We also offer a free consulting service for businesses that need help finding software that ticks all the boxes. Feel free to get in touch.


There’s no reason to find yourself in the dark, with all the available options here. Logistics may be changing, but there are plenty of places to get your information fix. Staying on top of the game is half the battle, and these resources should keep you focused on the important parts of running your business. Check out the Capterra Logistics Blog for more information on the industry.

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