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The Top 20 Document Management Software Solutions [Infographic]

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There is a lot of talk these days about “going digital,” but for many, the mountains of paperwork still commanding their office space make the digital age seem, well, pretty similar to 20 years ago.

Thankfully, there is software to help bring you, and your documents, into the 21st century.

Document Management Software is a great resource for importing your paperwork, capturing images, tracking changes and shrinking your paperwork mountains into paperwork molehills. With its ability to increase efficiency and handle greater volumes of data, document management is expected to be one of the most important investments a firm can make in the next few years.

The problem is: there are more than 350 Document Management Software Solutions out there, all with different features and abilities. How do you find out which one is right for your business?

Making the right software purchase requires a lot of thought and research, but Capterra is here to help.

We have researched the Top 20 Most Popular Document Management Software Solutions to help you in your quest for the perfect software for your organization. This list is not all-inclusive of the software options available, and we don’t recommend you use it to create your short-list. However, we think it’s a good place to start to familiarize yourself with some of the “big players” in the space.


This space was particularly interesting because there are so many features that make up document management: each software is different in terms of how long it follows a document through its lifespan, and on which aspects of the document it focuses.

To narrow down our definitions of “document management software,” we first provisioned that the software must have capabilities beyond file storage: so, they must provide file storage in addition to document tracking, document security, etc.  Secondly, we decided to omit any products that were primarily collaboration tools (this would include some of the big online players, like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and other similar companies).

Take a moment to read our research methodology below to better understand our results and how our definition of market share differs from others.


This study is one of a series of Top 20 research Capterra has been performing for some of our largest directory categories. It is based on a popularity index that takes into account:

  • Number of active customers
  • Number of active users
  • Metrics of Social Presence (Google +1s. Twitter followers, LinkedIn company page followers, Facebook likes, Klout scores, and Capterra reviews)

Unlike traditional market share reports, we do not consider company revenue as part of this equation. First of all, we believe popularity provides a better reflection of true market share than looking at revenue alone, and secondly, we do not wish to exclude privately held companies who do not publicly share revenue numbers.

This index weighs the ratio of customers and users so smaller vendors remain on a relatively equal playing field as their larger competitors. In this context, we have defined customers as the number of unique entities (companies, licenses, etc.) currently using the product and we have defined users as the number of active administrative users within those entities.

These metrics have imperfections, but we believe that when combined they form a pretty good representation of the market as a whole.

If you want to learn more about why we are performing this research, please refer to our first Top 20 infographic series blog post, which goes more in-depth.


To obtain the customer and user numbers we used in our algorithm, we contacted the software vendors directly. In some cases, the venders either did not publicly disclose certain numbers, or did not track the exact numbers we were looking for. In those cases, some vendors provided us with rough estimates, erring on the low side. Additionally, there were some instances where we estimated any missing numbers based on our own industry knowledge and research. These figures are highlighted in the table below.

We obtained the social media numbers directly from the respective sites, and these figures are as up-to-date as possible considering their constant fluctuation.

For this research, we decided to only include systems that were specifically document management. That means that any online collaboration tools (ie: Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, and other similar companies) were omitted.

It would be safe to assume that all of the numbers represented in this table are, in fact, estimates. However, we are confident they are the best estimates available publicly to date, and still provide an accurate depiction of market breakdown.

If you think we missed a Document Management provider on this list, please let us know! All of our Top 20 infographics will be updated multiple times per year to reflect changes in the market, so be sure to check back every few months.

Looking for Document Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Document Management software solutions.

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Good post. These are the tips that all document management systems should have.

OpenKM meets all the tips listed here, also has two versions: a community version (free) and a professional version.

For more information:

Great Blog with nice information.

An interesting, well-written article. Thanks a lot for the info!

hi, this was a very interesting blog.
Online24x7 provides an easy solution to gain a complete control over documentation. With EDMS System, business process and operations gain optimum efficiency.

This is a very old post but great information! I noticed that eFileCabinet is low on the list and has only 24k users. This data is drastically behind the times. eFileCabient is now currently over 150k users and the worlds greatest DMS on the planet! Check us out and ask for Don Baker for a great deal!

Thank you Rachel for this nice article, mainly due to the detail table (I did not know anything about the Klout score).
You should, however, publish the updated version; also Logicaldoc made several steps forward regarding the last update, and this is only partially represented in the infographic

What about smaller companies that can offer more, at a fraction of the price? TronicDocs e-DMS is coming out swinging! OCR/ICR, Revision control, document security, control full life span of documents, Unlimited users, fully office integrated, and more.
I’ve paid around 25% compared the average price these “top” software providers charge.
It’s been the most bang for my buck.

Excellent Blog….

It is a very useful and knowledgeable blog for document management software, my company is also using document management software and this information has helped me in many ways possible… i have discovered that online study provides more knowledge and wisdom about the softwares and their usage.

Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that Document Management Software is a great resource for importing your paperwork, capturing images, tracking changes and shrinking your paperwork mountains into paperwork molehills. very useful information

We use PaperTracer for document management, contract management, employee onboarding management and more workflows from last 4+ years.
There are many solutions out there, but we liked PaperTracer the best because of it is easy to use and affordable cost structure. And the most important point is that it always works 🙂

Another important point is communication. Employees should have the ability to communicate with each other and get help. A support system should be in place during the transition to help employees learn how to use the software and its functions, total practice meets every one of the tips recorded here, additionally it has many more exciting features for more information please visit :

How about GitHub? Can Perforce be a DMS? We use it repository and versions control.

Great compilation of Document Managment Softwares, however, was a bit unhappy to see Docsvault, not on the list. I have been using this DMS from 4 years now and have never faced any downtime with the software. And the matter fact the quality of their customer service is at par. I would suggest capterra to consider in your top document management software list.
John Lenin

Nice article. I am a construction professional and I feel a document management software tailored for our industry is really helpful. I would like to add SKYSITE and Plangrid in this list. I have used both the software. Recently I have switched to SKYSITE and I really like its features and customer care support.

Great Article. I just want to mention CRM Software App they have one of the best Document Management Software that I have used. You can check that too

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