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Top 20 Most Affordable Call Center Software

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Back in the day, switchboard operators had the fast-paced job of juggling incoming and outgoing telephone calls across the country. The countless phone plugs and the wall of jacks would seem quite intimidating for average worker nowadays…especially as the use of landline telephones decrease.

Luckily, through advancements in the telephony industry, software products are here to take the brunt of the work. Organizations today rely heavily on Call Center software, which help reduce or eliminate the cumbersome, manual tasks associated with placing and receiving customer service and sales calls. Automated call routing, queue management, and many other features help businesses and organizations save money by cutting costs…also, by allowing employees to focus on high-quality conversations.

Capterra wants to help your organization find a call center solution that won’t break the piggy bank. Take a look at our Top 20 Most Affordable Call Center Software report to determine which solutions offer the features you need at a reasonable price!

Our research should help you narrow down your list and ensure you are considering systems that match your budget. However, please note that our research is not inclusive of all available solutions and should not be your only resource when making a purchase decision. Check out our Call Center software directory to make sure you find the right fit for your needs.


We used several metrics to create this report. We compared systems based on features offered, the cost of those features, and how actual users rated those systems in customer reviews (collected on Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice).

For our analysis, we generated a pricing scenario based on a “typical call center software buyer”, which is outlined below:

ABC company is looking for a new call center software system. There will be 3 supervisors and 50 agents accessing the system. They plan on having 4 phone numbers and making on average 18,750 calls per month (75,000 minutes per month). They are looking to use the system for at least two years and need as many of the features listed below as possible and as many of the following implementation, training, and support resources as possible: CRM integration, help desk/customer service software integration, live chat integration, training videos and documents, free demo, email/help desk support, FAQ/knowledge base access.

Below are the standard, expected features considered in our pricing scenario:

  1. Telephony
  2. Call routing
  3. Call logging
  4. Call control
  5. Concurrent calls
  6. Queuing
  7. Call recording
  8. Call monitoring
  9. Agent scripting
  10. Reporting

Out of the Top 20 vendors, 70% offered all ten features and 95% offered nine or more.

The graph below displays the monthly cost of the Top 20 Most Affordable Call Center solutions, based on our pricing scenario:

Out of all the systems we evaluated, the average monthly cost was $3,556. If you look only at the systems that made the Top 20 Most Affordable report, the average monthly cost drops to about $1,442, which is a much better deal!


We built this report to help introduce you to Call Center software and find a handful of cost-effective systems to explore further. Don’t forget that free trials and demos are a great way to work with vendors to assess your specific needs. The solutions featured here many not be the best solution for you.

Please share your thoughts! Did we miss any of the most affordable call center systems? Let us know! We will update this research annually.

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