The Top 20 Most Popular Law Practice Management Software

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With scheduling, deadline, and clerical errors being a big catalyst for malpractice lawsuits, more and more firms are relying on software to automate these administrative tasks and prevent trouble down the road. This software also provides firms with much needed client and case record management, and makes it easier to keep up with many federally mandated compliance requirements.

There are over a hundred software solutions out there for law practice management, and sifting through them can be a daunting task for any software buyer. For that reason, we have researched and put together an infographic of the Top 20 Most Popular Law Practice Management Software Solutions.

This infographic is designed to help you get a high-level overview of the market and some of its “big players.” It is not all-inclusive, and is not meant to replace your own research. The biggest companies may not be the best fit for you.

Take a look at our methodology below to learn more about how we came up with this ranking. You may also want to check out this blog post by our CEO that goes more in-depth about why we perform our research in this way.


This is not the first time we have ranked software solutions by popularity. We have a series of Top 20 infographics that we have created across many industries, utilizing our unique Software Popularity Index, which includes:

  1. Number of current customers
  2. Number of active users
  3. Social influence (Twitter followers, LinkedIn followers, Facebook likes, and number of Capterra reviews)

In this infographic, “customers” refers to the number of companies/firms with a license to the software. “Users” refers to the number of attorneys and administrative staff at those companies/law firms who have regular access to the program. These metrics also refer to active customers and users within the past year

These numbers are weighted and ranked to establish the final scores. The customer and user components each make up 40% of the final score, and the combined social numbers make up 20%.


Please refer to the data table below for all the raw numbers included in our calculation. Through the course of this research, we contacted every vendor in our law practice management directory to collect customer and user estimates. We pushed back on any vendor whose submissions seemed inflated or inaccurate. If a vendor could not submit any estimates, we provided our own estimates (highlighted below) based on additional research and our industry averages. We believe they are the best estimates available to date.

Though each of these metrics is imperfect, we think they provide a good overall picture of the market when combined.

We update all of our infographics a few times per year. If you think we missed anyone, please let us know!

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Liann is a Product Report Specialist for Capterra, a platform that connects business software sellers and buyers. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, hiking, and cooking.


Thomson Reuter’s real number are a lot more. Also, you are missing Aderant. (

Thomson Reuters Elite products:
1) Elite 3E – They have 150+ customers mostly AmLaw 200 firms. Each AmLaw 200 firms have users from 500-5000+.
2) 270 firms with Business Development Premier.
3) 211 firms with MatterSphere.
4) 401 firms with eBillingHub.
5) 3,161 firms with ProLaw. (ProLaw firms have atlease 10+ users)

Thomson Reuters also have Firm central not sure how many users they have.

Full Disclosure: I am technical consultant for Thomson Reuter’s Elite. Also, I am co-founder of Lawcus( – a legal practice management software startup.


Another great article Cathy! Thanks for putting together these number. These statistics are really helpful for legal entrepreneurs like me to get overview of the market.

Regards, Harry – Co Founder of Lawcus( – a legal practice management software startup.

[…] Capterra’s Cathy Reisenwitz blogged about the infographic: […]

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