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It can be tough, if you’re a training professional, to keep track of all the information out there on the industry. top 39 eLearning resources

I mean, who has time to hunt down the dozens of blogs, publications and conferences that all cover the space and provide useful insight and helpful education to help you do a better job meeting the training needs of your organization? And then to go through them all and cherry-pick just the most insightful and helpful ones? That could take hours!

Luckily for you, I don’t get out much; so here’s a list of the tippy-top resources if you happen to be in the training / eLearning field and want to remain cutting edge. Add them to your blog feed reader of choice, subscribe, and attend.


eLearning Learning

An aggregator of blog and article content from across the web, this is a great one-stop-shop for all things eLearning.

In the Middle of the Curve

Wendy Wickham covers eLearning technology in this blog, and often goes in-depth with thoughts on accessibility, subscription based learning and instructional design.

Clive on Learning

Though unfortunately built on a Blogspot theme with no handy way to navigate categories or tags, Clive Shepherd’ blog has such engaging material you’ll still want to brave the bad design. From profiles and interviews of eLearning experts to in depth looks at apps, Clive brings a distinctly UK perspective to the eLearning industry.

Will at Work Learning

A blog with a focus on the corporate side of eLearning, Will Thalheimer’s site covers a host of training topics from Likert-like scales to reviews of eLearning vendors.

Cathy Moore

Cathy’s blog is all about how to best develop learning materials and courses and is packed with handy tips, how-tos and scenario design ideas.


Run by George Siemens, this blog has a decidedly academic eLearning focus, and covers topics like MOOCS and open source eLearning tools.

The Rapid E-Learning Blog

Articulate’s blog on eLearning, run by Tom Kuhlmann, is aimed primarily at helping training professionals be better at their job. Posts range from tips on how to better design your course, to explanations on whether you actually need an instructional design degree.

Jane’s Pick of the Day

This blog is Jane Hart’s collection of resources and cool eLearning apps, infographics and news. It doesn’t quite come out once a day, but it is consistent.

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS

If you want to keep up on the direction of learning technology, this blog is the place to be. Elliott covers the newest developments (apps, news and books) and sends his TRENDS newsletter to a subscriber base of 56,000 as well.

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

David Hopkins’ blog covers the latest in educational technology, from apps to wikis, and has been on several lists for must-read eLearning blogs (including Higher Ed’s “Must Read IT Blogs 2013”).

Upside Learning blog

Focused on the mobile side of eLearning almost exclusively, this blog does a good job of covering mLearning news and conferences, and sharing other great resources for the space.


This is a group blog that aggregates news and reviews about eLearning from across the web, and touches on topics like MOOCs, industry conferences, and best practices.

Capterra Training Blog

Capterra’s blog on training technology focuses mostly on software, from LMSs to mobile learning to course authoring and more. It features contributions from industry experts as well as Capterra’s in-house analysts. A buying guide for finding the perfect LMS is also present as a free PDF download.


Learning Solutions Magazine

The flagship publication of The eLearning Guild, this online magazine boasts a large range of authors and over 1,000 articles covering technology, case studies, reviews, interviews and tons more. The magazine is free, but articles less than 90 days old require a “subscription” sign-up (also free).

THE Journal

An electronic magazine aimed at K-12 educators with the goal of improving learning through technology. All of its articles are published online, but you can subscribe for free for a biweekly email with the articles from the subject of your choice.

Campus Technology

Geared towards higher education, Campus Technology is a monthly electronic magazine covering industry trends in campus technology. It’s available to read online and through a free subscription.

EdTech Magazine

This online magazine has two distinct sites separating out articles focused on K-12 with those focused on higher education. EdTech focuses on technology with plenty of reviews, spotlights and case studies. Free email subscriptions are available.

eLearn Magazine

Covering everything eLearning related, from K-12 and higher ed to corporate training, eLearn Magazine provides research, case studies, reviews, how-tos and more. All content is accessible online without a subscription.

eLearning Weekly Magazine

A weekly e-magazine that grew out of a popular blog, eLW focuses on practical tips and advice, from hands-on features to tool reviews, for technologies in the eLearning space.

e.learning age Magazine

A UK-centric magazine, e.learning age publishes ten times a year and has both an online and print version. Analysis, reviews and regular columns make up the balance of the publication. A subscription for the print version starts at £75 within the UK.

Inside Learning Technologies and Skills

The official magazine of the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills exhibition and conference, Inside Learning Technologies and Skills is published six times throughout the year. It has a distinct corporate learning focus, and the current issue is free to read online, with free subscriptions also available.

Training Industry Quarterly

A publication of TrainingIndustry.com, Training Industry Quarterly is an electronic magazine is a “peer planned and peer previewed” magazine covering, for instance, in-depth looks at how to integrate simulation into learning strategies, and a history of the LMS. Issues are free online and a subscription is also free.


The eLearning Guild

A large member organization for corporate eLearning professionals, the eLearning Guild runs some of the most well known training and eLearning conferences (DevLearn and mLearn) and also publishes Learning Solutions Magazine, runs member forums and webinars and provides a job board, education and research for members.

The American Society for Training and Development

Not specifically focused on the eLearning space, but certainly encompassing it, the ASTD is a massive association with members in over 100 countries, and over 120 chapters in the U.S. alone. It is dedicated to the training and development profession provides workshops, conferences, professional development and public policy advocacy.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

Founded in 1981 the AACE serves professionals and educators using technology for education. The AACE runs the E-Learn conference and also provides publications, a career center and digital library, among other services to members.

The International E-Learning Association

An association for e-learning professionals, researchers, and students, the IELA boasts members from every continent. The IELA runs several conferences, and gives members access to research, journals, case studies and conference discounts.

Association for Educational Communications and Technology

The AECT “has become a major organization for those actively involved in the designing of instruction and a systematic approach to learning.” In addition to its main membership it has 24 state and six international affiliates, and publishes two bimonthly journals.



One of “the” conferences for eLearning professionals, DevLearn is a product of The eLearning Guild. It’s held annually and has keynotes from people as diverse as the founder of Upworthy to the CEO of Impact Games.


Also run by The eLearning Guild this is a conference focusing on the mobile technology side of eLearning. Sessions include mobile strategy and trends and tools for implementing mLearning.

Distance Teaching and Learning

This annual conference focuses especially on distance learning and training, and covers course design, new developments and trends, as well as bringing participants together to network in a structured way.


The FETC conference is aimed primarily at educators and administrators in an academic setting. It focuses on technology in education and facilitates “hands-on exposure to the latest hardware, software and successful strategies.”

Enterprise Learning! Conference and Expo

The ELCE is a virtual conference run by Elearning! for corporate eLearning professionals to learn about “case studies, technology implementations and best practices.”

Elliot Masie’s Learning

A conference for eLearning professionals, this year’s event included speakers like Hillary Clinton, George Takei and Martin Bean discussing everything from social media and storytelling to MOOCS and open learning.

Online Learning Conference

This conference is not actually held online (it was in Chicago this year); the name refers to its focus on learning online. Everything from designing online certificate programs to integrating mobile devices into online classes is covered.


Put on by the AACE, this conference “serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of information on research, development, and applications of all topics related to e-Learning in the Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education sectors.”

Learning Technologies Conference

A learning and development conference for European eLearning professionals and educators, this event includes 60 speakers and topics from evaluating the value of business training to the potential uses of Google Glass for eLearning.



While there’s no dedicated section in the Apps store for eLearning applications, there are some notable tools for the eLearning professional. They include everything from an LMS that runs through a Chrome app (like Pearson OpenClass) to add-ons for existing LMSs (like Canvas to Moodle).

Capterra Learning Management Software Directory

With over 200 different products covered, this comprehensive tool allows users to filter the list down by requirements, number of users etc., and compare reviews and features to find the perfect LMS solution.

Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular LMS Infographic

Updated quarterly, this infographic tracks the most popular LMS software solutions based on number of customers, users, and social media signals like Twitter followers and Facebook followers.

Bonus (a few additional awesome resources):

America Learning Media Magazine

Available in both English and Spanish language versions, this online magazine covers the successful use of video, instructional design, and living books among other eLearning topics.

eLearning Industry

The core site for a whole host of eLearning resources from infographics, to jobs and more. This main site also has a blog, and free ebooks for eLearning professionals.

eLearning Weekly

A weekly aggregator of the best eLearning news and articles, this resource can be sent straight to your email, or read online in the “archives” section.


Alright, so what did I miss?  Add more awesome resources in the comments!

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