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Finding the right CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) is no easy task. Capterra’s CMMS directory has over 160 options listed, with many of those receiving high marks from reviewers. To help you narrow down your search, let’s look at the five most-reviewed software solutions in the directory – ManagerPlus, MPulse, eMaint, Hippo, and NetFacilities.

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ManagerPlus is a cloud- or desktop-based CMMS with 70 reviews on Capterra’s site. Users have rated it highly, giving it 4.5 out of five stars overall. The software comes in three flavors, based on the size of the business using the CMMS.

Features are pretty well lumped, and even at the small business level, you’ll have plenty of functionality. As you work up the chain, you get extra features like budgeting tools, purchase order management, and multi-site support.

Reviewers have raved about the software and ManagerPlus’s support, saying, “The customer support is excellent. Calls are always answered in a timely manner and the operator always provides the necessary information to solve the problem.”

The only consistent drawback that users have mentioned is the lack of easy template modification, which seems fairly minor to me.


MPulse comes in four different versions – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. I really like the range offered here, as the bronze package is basically a very powerful calendar, giving small businesses a great entry point into CMMS. You’ll have access to scheduling, work order management, and some basic inventory tools, all of which you can access through a mobile app. Solid play.

From there, you can add on additional features like asset management, service request management, vendor management, and purchase order systems, as you rise up through the ranks. The low bar is lower than the ManagerPlus’s low bar, and I don’t think the high bar is as high. For companies in the middle, though, there are lots of granular options.

Reviewers have said that MPulse “has been a great improvement to how we manage our facilities. Not only has it streamlined our operations but it has also given us the ability to run a multitude of reports helping us assess and make decisions based on info we previously did not have the capacity to [analyze].”

The main con seems to be a steep learning curve, but solid customer service mitigates this somewhat..


eMaint is a cloud-based CMMS provider with a three-tiered version system. Like MPulse, eMaint is a software solution for slightly smaller businesses, though it does offer an “All In” package with plenty to support larger businesses.

At its lowest level – Self Starter – eMaint can be run with just one user. You won’t have a ton of features, but you’ll be able to manage work orders, track assets, create reports, and get access to 500MB of document storage. At the All In level, you get a bunch of storage – like, 200GB of storage – access to an API, tool to work on multiple sites, and extra training options, including an annual on-site visit.

With just shy of 40 reviews on Capterra, users have said that eMaint has a “thorough setup straight ‘out of the box’ [and is] very flexible for administration (ability to add/move/delete fields, records, workflows, contacts, etc), constantly adding and improving features, robust reporting and alerts capability, great training videos, even better customer support/service.”

Cons seem to be minor concerns about integrations and that the site has occasional speed issues.


Hippo CMMS and NetFacilities both have 35 reviews, as of this writing. Hippo gets to go first because it starts with an ‘H.’ It’s a fickle world.

Hippo has – get ready for it – three versions. At entry-level, you get 40 work order requests per month, reporting, preventative maintenance scheduling, and asset management, along with a few others. The middle tier offers more access, with unlimited users and work orders, but there’s no expansion in features.

At the top of the pile, HippoPro+ offers access to everything Hippo has available. That means fleet management and inventory management, mainly.

Reviewers have been very happy with the software, saying that eMaint “enables our Maintenance Staff of only 2 to be able to timely respond and keep work tickets organized.” There are almost no consistent drawbacks mentioned in reviews, which is certainly a breath of fresh air.


Finally, NetFacilities is a web-based CMMS provider focused on the higher end of the scale. That’s not to say that it won’t work for smaller business, but it’s a bigger entity. NetFacilities counts Hilton, Oakley, DuPont, and the American Red Cross among its customers. Those companies buy into NetFacilities because it comes with all sorts of power.

NetFacilities offers powerful reporting tools, asset tracking using barcodes, inventory management for multiple locations, flexible user permissions, and the full range of work order management tools you’ve come to expect.

On Capterra, reviewers have called the software “easy to use,” “well thought out,” and “easy to implement.” The only drawback seems to be the system’s size, which can make navigation and workflow difficult when first diving in.


While these are the five most reviewed options in the Capterra CMMS directory, there are plenty more out there. You can check our full listing for details and comparison tools to help you narrow your search down. You can also hit up our field service blog for more tips and tricks to make your company run smoothly.

Looking for software? Check out Capterra's list of the best software solutions.

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Thank you for mentioning us Andrew. A few things to point out is our upgraded 2016 version is out to current customers now and to public June 1 and we have been getting RAVE reviews with PC and MobileFacilities our app. Those minor issue you pointed to were received by us and they have now been eliminated. New interface, Larger fonts, All new grids, Fully cross-browser compatible, reduction of database call backs, automated everything and a complete rebuild of the reporting center.

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