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The Top 7 HR Podcasts

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UPDATE 5/11/2016: This post has been updated with new podcasts and info from comments and feedback after the original article was published.  We’ve now got 13 awesome HR podcasts listed versus the original seven, and a couple of the existing shows have been updated to better reflect their current lineup.

What makes a boring commute bearable?


Or tedious chores like doing the dishes or folding laundry less excruciating?

Taking your mind off the monotonous task, and energizing it with something mentally stimulating, educational, and professionally relevant, all at once.

Something like a podcast.

headphones icon with sound wave beats. Vector flat illustration

I’ve put together a list of the top human resources podcasts so you don’t have to waste all that downtime on the road or in front of the kitchen sink.  Instead you can spend it learning about the latest talent management news, the hottest recruiting developments, and the most advanced applicant tracking best practices.

In no particular order, here are the top HR podcasts:

HR Happy Hour

With over 200 episodes since 2009, the HR Happy Hour podcast has a wealth of great material, tips, and news about the HR industry.  Episodes come out 2-3 times a month, and focus on human resources, management and leadership, and workforce technology.

Human Capital Institute Podcasts

Another long-running podcast with over 270 episodes, HCI’s shows cover a wide range of workforce management topics.  From recruiting, to building a great employer brand, to how to apply HR data effectively, each episode is jam packed with information.  Episodes come out about once every three days.

Human Resources for Small Business

Like the name implies, this podcast focuses on the unique HR needs of small businesses.  From the basics of how to build an onboarding process, to increasing employee engagement, and how to deal with bullying in the workplace, this is the talent management education every small business owner needs.  Episodes are released roughly every month.

CIPD Podcast

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) is a European HR association with over 130,000 members, and it puts out this monthly podcast on all things HR-related.  Topics covered include trends in family-friendly workplaces, interviews with HR professionals (like the HR Information and Analytics Director for Unilever), and tons of original research on things like barriers to leadership.  Tune in for a distinctly UK take on HR, but with broadly applicable lessons.

The CYA Report

From the irreverent folks over at Fistful of Talent, this podcast is a wide-ranging show delving into a host of HR topics.  From incentive pay, to HR tech, to esoteric subjects like “What is bitcoin?” you’ll find a little bit of everything here.  If you like the style of the Fistful blog, you’ll be right at home with this podcast.  Episodes are released roughly 2-3 times a month.

Lunch Conversation with DriveThru HR

Daily 30 minute episodes feature HR experts talking about a variety of informative topics.  They cover everything from recruiting, to talent management, to HR technology.  The podcast has been around since 2013 and has over 300 episodes.

HR Latte

A newer podcast, having only launched in 2014, this 30 minute show is hosted by Rayanne Thorne of Talent Browser.  Episodes include interviews with HR and talent experts, discussions on candidate experience, and learning and development.

The Best Part of My Job

Hosted by former recruiter and all-around HR OG Lars Schmidt of Amplify Talent, this podcast interviews tons if interesting people and starts with a simple question, “What’s the best part of your job?”  Guests include executives from big brands like Audi and Twitter, record producers, startup founders, and talent management heavyweights like Jennifer McClure and William Tincup.  The podcast is currently sitting at about 45 episodes, including 25 from the original, shorter format, and Lars releases a new one roughly twice a month.

Hire Up Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast, started in just November of 2015.  Headed by John Beck, CEO of The Assessment Company, it’s had 11 episodes so far and publishes roughly twice a month.  The podcast includes a panel of HR guests who are experts in topics like EHS, professional development, and employee risk mitigation and training.

The Bill Kutik Radio Show

With over 180 episodes, this long-running podcast from Bill Kutik of HRE Online and the HR Technology Conference features some of the HR space’s most well-known luminaries, including Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte, Charles Phillips, the CEO of Infor, and Gartner’s own HR Research VP, Ron Hanscome.

Employment Law and HR Podcast

Like the abovementioned CIPD podcast, Alison Colley’s HR podcast deals with HR from a distinctly UK point of view.  She’s put out over 50 episodes, focusing on topics from the UK’s National Living Wage, to more general subjects like discrimination in the office and how to deal with e-cigarettes at work.  Most episodes are focused on UK employment law, though, so this one may be most helpful if you live and work in the United Kingdom.

RTW Nation

This podcast from Mark Stipic tackles the potentially boring topic of workers comp by hosting a bevy of informative return to work professionals as guests.  With 14 episodes since it started this year, RTW Nation publishes roughly four times a month.  Episode subjects range from rehabilitating injured workers, to ergonomics at the office, to using sports medicine principles for work injuries.

Hiring on All Cylinders

This podcast, by recruiting software company Entelo, has had over 40 episodes since it launched early last year, or roughly 3-4 a month.  Guests and topics include’s head of global talent, Zenefits’ senior tech recruiter, and discussions on Boolean search, diversity recruiting, and how SpaceX recruits talent.


Don’t see your favorite HR or talent management podcast on the list above?  Did I miss some crucial thought leader?  Add them in the comments!

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[…] The Top 7 HR Podcasts […]

I have exactly a 1 hour commute and 1 hour lunch I’ll be filling with all of these. Thanks!

Great list!
RTW Nation is the workers comp podcast for motivated Return To Work professionals. You might think workers comp is boring but this show is entertaining and laid back.

Thanks for these, will add them to my rotation!

I also really like Alison Colley’s Employment Law and HR Podcast:

I really like Hire Up Podcast with host John Beck- Dedicated To Everything Human Resources – Taking Your Business to a Higher Level.

John along with guest and his expert panel will discuss, educate and provide information on wide range of Human Resource topics. Together, we’ll explore the key to Unlocking the Code of the Occupational DNA required, to identify, select, develop and retaining top talent ………… and help you take your business to a higher level!

[…] Capterra’s Top 7 HR Podcasts […]

CEB has recently started producing a podcast through their HR Leadership Council which focuses on innovation and thought leadership in the talent management space. They’ve interviewed a really interesting range of guests so far – from General Stanley McChrystal (former commander of Joint Special Operations Command) to Barbie Graver, VP of Talent for Netflix, and the host is quite good at drawing out their most insightful perspectives on how the world of talent management is evolving.

It’s called Engler’s Angle, and there are currently 11 episodes. They tend to release them every couple of weeks.

Great list! I actually produce a culture and engagement podcast geared towards HR pros and other people-focused executives. It’s called the Awesome Office Show, and is hosted by speaker, author, and SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly. Would love your feedback!

I can’t wait to checkout these podcast for HR’s. I work as a recruiter and I’m really interest in learning new things.

[…] you walk, cook, drive, exercise or do chores. Capterra Talent Management Blog has a great list of 13 must-listen HR podcasts. And here’s another: the Live Happy Now podcast, curated by the editors of Live Happy […]

Launched in 2016, HR Studio Podcast is designed to build the next generation of HR leaders through a combination of:

– Career and leadership development advice from those who made it to the top in HR
– Insights from HR trend spotters, authors and keynote speakers
– Thought-provoking discussion on the future of the profession and what it takes to be successful in HR
– Unique, relevant content that is not available elsewhere
– A network of HR professionals of all career levels who can contribute to the conversation

It’s noted as a top 50 HR podcast on …. episodes are typically 20-40 minutes with two episodes airing each month.

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