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The Top 11 Crowdfunding Platforms for Nonprofits

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Update 3/31/17: After over a year of changes, we’ve gone through and updated our top crowdfunding platforms to include updates and an eleventh recommended service.

Crowdfunding has changed the fundraising game forever.

There are so many projects, companies, and products that may have never seen the light of day (such as crucial films like Kung Fury) if it hadn’t been for the invention of online crowdfunding. This revolution in fundraising can only mean good things for the nonprofit industry, which depends on donations for its life blood.

But which crowdfunding platform should you use along with your standard fundraising tracking software? They all have different rules, benefits, and downsides.

We did not include Kickstarter or Indiegogo in our list due to their already widely known setup, rules, and options. Instead, this list will provide you with the top ten crowdfunding/peer-to-peer platforms targeted explicitly for nonprofits. Happy hunting!

Note: Crowdfunding platforms are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Causes


With 186 million registered users in 156 countries, Causes not only functions as a crowdfunding platform, but also as a social network for your campaigns to “make the world a better place.”

Unique Features

  • Offers a separate app called “Brigade” to help build networks of friends and neighbors that will support your issues and causes
  • In addition to the standard social media options, such as Facebook and Twitter integration, Causes also acts a social media site for those with common interests to crowdsource information, support, and donations


Causes is an ad-based platform, so all campaigns are conducted free of charge.

2. CauseVox


CauseVox is a crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising option that offers in-depth customization for your campaign.

Unique Features

  • Allows customization for web address, media embedding, and even HTML/CSS access to give your page the unique spin that you want
  • All donations are meticulously tracked with visual displays of donations, donation volumes and times, and all donor information
  • Supporters can become fundraisers through easily created personal pages on your own CauseVox site to raise money on your behalf


Unlike most crowdfunding platforms, CauseVox offers their services through monthly payment packages depending on how many fundraiser sites you plan on starting. Their Starter plan is free to create for one fundraising site with a 5% transaction fee. The Impact and Pro plans are $49 and $129 per month but allow for unlimited creation of fundraising sites, priority tech support, custom donation receipts, and lower transaction fees. The next step up is their Lite option at $55/month along with a 4.5% fee on total amounts raised.

The Standard and Premium plans are $155 and $450+ per month but allow for unlimited creation of fundraising sites, priority tech support, custom donation receipts, and lower transaction fees.

3. Chuffed

Chuffed is a crowdfunding platform built only for nonprofits. It operates with no hidden costs and allows campaigns to keep 100% of whatever they raise, which means no campaign or administration expenses. Chuffed only charges for credit card transactions, which are $30 + 2.0-2.9% based on whichever country you are located in.

This pricing model is especially appealing since nonprofits run on a limited cash flow to begin with, so ways to cut costs without affecting the overall mission are always welcome.

Chuffed is so confident in what they offer as a nonprofit crowdfunding site, they even pit themselves up against some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo:

Unique Features: 

  • Login free donations
  • Detailed guides on building and improving your crowdfunding campaign
  • Tax-deductible receipting


As stated above, Chuffed only charges credit card processing fees while leaving the rest of your money to your nonprofit.

4. Classy


Formerly known as “StayClassy,” Classy markets itself as an all-in-one fundraising option for nonprofits.

Unique Features

  • Offers traditional crowdfunding campaigns as well as peer-to-peer fundraising methods
  • Offers integration and partnership with Salesforce, Google AdWords, and Mailchimp
  • Full site customization, even the ability to remove all visual ties with Classy with a Pro membership or higher


Classy used to offer tiered pricing options based on features and uses. Their pricing system has been updated to a negotiable model which is determined based on the needs of the client.

5. CrowdRise


Crowdrise boasts brags the ability to create a fundraiser website in less than 42 seconds as well as the position as the “world’s #1 fundraising site for charitable and personal causes.” listing over 1.5 million charities.

Unique Features

  • Allows instant access to funds without any limits, thresholds, or time restraints
  • Offers Salesforce integration
  • Offers custom emails to donors


Crowdrise offers two pricing options for nonprofits:

  • The Fiver: Keep $95 of every $100 raised and has no monthly subscription, but only offers limited features.
  • Tre: Keep $97 of every $100 raised but comes with a $50/month subscription. Comes with all options and features.

6. FirstGiving


Promising the fundraising influence and reach of individual campaigns, FirstGiving specializes in nonprofit crowdfunding and is trusted by many big names such as Habitat for Humanity and the Special Olympics.

Unique Features

  • Offers website integration with widget capabilities
  • Utilizes general crowdfunding methods as well as peer-to-peer fundraising methods to optimize fundraising options
  • Offers tools to customize automated thank you emails, manage all events, registration data, and communications


  • Peer-to-Peer Donation Fee: 5% Fee and 2.5% credit card processing fee.
  • General Donation/Event Registration Fee: 4.25%.

7. Fundly


Having been a part of helping put a roof over the head of a homeless man and feeding hungry children for low income families in Ferguson, MO. Fundly has a proven track record of success.

Unique Features

  • Heavy focus on mobile fundraising with the free Fundly mobile app
  • Offers guides for every step of your fundraising campaign
  • No minimum amount needed to be raised in order to keep funds after your campaign


Fundly has adjusted their pricing from a tiered system, to one simple pricing system for all users: a 4.9% platform fee, along with a 2.9% credit card processing fee plus $0.30 per transaction.

8. Pozible


At 56%, Pozible claims to have the highest success rate of any major platform, even putting their own money into projects that they love. They have also raised over 50,000,000 AU across over 12,000+ projects.

Unique Features

  • Gives you the choice to either run your project as self-hosted on your own website or through their platform to access “Pozible’s global audience”
  • Accepts payments from all over the world (130 countries) and almost every major electronic form of payment (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Bitcoin, Stripe, Paypal, etc.)


Pozible offers three tiers for fees, and in addition may have fees from credit card providers:

  • 5% fee on amount raised if total funds pledged up to 100 AU
  • 4% fee on amount raised if total funds pledged between 100k – 500k AU
  • 3% fee on amount raised if total funds pledged of 500k AU or over

Credit card fees vary on which country your organization is based.


Next up is Boasting high-quality design and free setup, is a solid choice for your nonprofit to begin your first crowdfunding initiative.

Unique Features

  • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media sites
  • Website Integration using widgets
  • Easy report creation for 501(c)3 nonprofits, making legal compliance simple and streamlined
  • Donor information tracker

Cost charges nothing for campaign page setup. Once the campaign begins there’s a 5% charge plus credit card fees for every donation.

10. Razoo

Marketed as a crowdfunding platform made specifically for nonprofits, foundations, and other forms of charitable giving, Razoo is an option to seriously consider.

Unique Features

  • Offers four different fundraiser types with different tax settings and processing fees: Charitable Fundraisers, Organization Fundraisers, Team Fundraisers, and Personal Fundraisers
  • Ability to accept donations on your own website and Facebook page of your choice
  • Offers donor activity logs in downloadable form for your own donor management systems


Charitable fundraisers charge a 4% processing fee per donation along with a 2.9% + $0.30 credit card fee. If you decide to hold a personal fundraiser where all funds go to you, the donations are not tax deductible and processing fee jumps to 5%. The credit card fee remains the same.

11. StartSomeGood


StartSomeGood is a newer crowdfunding platform that is focused around hands-on, custom fundraising with the assistance of their global support team.

Unique Features

  • Personalized feedback and advice from the SSG Global Support Team for your project throughout the entire process
  • Email courses on crowdfunding basics and strategies
  • Offers an “all-or-nothing” system and opens up to unlimited fundraising amounts once initial goal is reached


Project submission is free and the only charge is a 5% service fee on the total funds raised if your project is successful.


Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to raise money. In order to get you started on the trend, we have lined up several blog posts of our own to teach you everything you need to know about it:

Are there any nonprofit crowdfunding platforms that you think should’ve made this list? Any that you think don’t belong? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for the opportunity to share another option. Crowdster is crowdfunding software that is simple, fast and effective to use. Similar to the other products listed on this site, we enable peer to peer fundraising and we recently announced an Apple Pay integration which allows users to donate via Apple Pay in addition to the many other channels that we currently offer. For further questions, feel free to reach out to me at

I am the CEO of Crowdster and we provide crowdfunding for non-profits and cause organizations. Our products are easy to use and we can set up a client in 48 hours. We currently provide a 30 day free trial and we recently announced a new capability allowing our users to integrate Apple Pay as an option for their fundraising tools. We would be thrilled to offer your readers additional discounts and if interested, please feel free to email at

Thanks for the info! Crowdfunding is indeed an effective way to easily raise funds. A lot of people can benefit from its efficient and fast results especially those who are in need. you can also check and learn more about the benefits of crowdfunding.

Hi Nick,
Thanks for asking! I’m with DoJiggy Fundraising Software. DoJiggy offers a great option for organizations and schools to fundraise without paying a percentage of their funds raised in software fees. We support responsive individual and team fundraising pages for peer-to-peer and crowdfunding campaigns with our Pledge software. Check us out!

The problem with these sites is that they require you to send them your photo id (drivers license or passport) to set up…. the CFO of a legit charity should and usually is very hesitant to blithely scan in and provide such information online…. plus credit card info…. for a free site, they should just set you up and if and when donations come in, then take their share out of the donation amounts and ask you where to transmit the net funds raised. Given that legit charities have to be registered, confirming they exist and where is a simple task.

Hey Nick, this is a nice list and breakdown. I wanted to share another alternative. I work for Thrinacia and we are helping many different non-profits with their crowdfunding campaigns. If you get a chance take a look at the new solution we recently added called Reach. Basically you can setup a crowdfunding campain on your existing website within minutes. Campaigns are 100% free to create and use on your website. It can save you signficant amount of money in terms of fees. You can learn more below;

[…] anything else, you need to decide on a fundraising platform. There are a lot of choices so do a bit of research and then make a decision that seems best for you and go for it. With some deliberation, I chose […]

Hi Nick,

I would like to introduce you to Our philanthropic marketplace allows users to track and log their philanthropic giving, it’s social and runs tax reports for end of year deductions. It’s also an all-in-one for charitable operations (i.e. volunteer/donor CRM, donations, tickets and volunteering). The platform is 3.9% + $0.30 for donations and 4.9% = $0.30 for tickets. However, 90% of users pay the fees, so it’s basically a free platform for charities. – Check us out! Shawn

Another great platform is make giving happen. The platform is a CASL compliant list generator, that is innovative and allows for any organization/institution to have a completely branded crowdfunding platform.

Any NGO, education institution, art and culture organization, healthcare association can apply this to their goals. With the ability to run multiple campaigns under one platform.


Hi Nick!

Thanks for comparing all the platforms. I’m not sure if you’re aware but is another option of a crowdfunding website, where people can raise money for nonprofits, individuals in need, community projects and even group gifts. I think it’s worth mentioning it as it has some of the lowest fees. 100% free to use and spend on partner sites (ex, or 2.9% fee for bank transfers > 2000 euros. As of today there are 8 million people using the platform in 4 languages (EN, FR, DE, ES)! Give it a try 🙂 – Kasia

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