Top Email Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow (For More Than a Just Sales Pitch)

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It was easier to learn back in high school. Your teacher simply handed you a textbook and told you which pages to read. Then you were tested, graded, and sent on to the next level.

Teacher In Classroom

Well, maybe it wasn’t easier back then, but it certainly was simpler!

Now as adults out of school, we’re responsible for our own knowledge curation. No one’s handing you a textbook and giving you an assignment. If you want to expand your knowledge, you have to take the initiative yourself and find the right resources to do so.

One of the easiest ways to do that in this technology-focused age is to follow an account on Twitter that provides the relevant information you want. Email marketing is just one of many topics that have a great presence on Twitter.

A lot of Twitter accounts about email marketing are also trying to sell their product or services. That’s great if you’re genuinely interested in an email marketing solution; if not, it can be incredibly annoying to sift through sales pitches to find information.

The following accounts, in no particular order, are ones that I think are the most informative without constantly trying to convert you into a paying customer.

The Email Guide

@theeMailguide prides itself as the “ultimate resource” for email marketing, and promises to “train email marketing NewBees to become Ninjas.” They share articles targeted at many different email marketing topics, including best practices, current trends, email copy that converts, subject lines, and statistics.

Their tweets are engaging and interesting, with quotes from articles and intriguing stats. They also interact with their followers, replying to tweets and sharing content from around the Web.



Email Experience

The Email Experience Council (@theeec) is the part of the Direct Marketing Association that’s focused on email marketing. Their main concern is the overall email marketing industry, so their tweets are only about this topic.

They tweet pretty regularly, and share articles from other email marketing accounts, as well as their own blog and resources. If you want all email marketing all the time, this is the account for you!



Social Email

This particular account is for a blog, Social Email Marketing, which focuses on email marketing, conversion optimization, and marketing automation. @socialemail tweets its own content from the blog, as well as other articles from around the industry.

Tweets are sent multiple times a day, encompassing a wide variety of topics within their specialty focus. While this account covers more than just email marketing, its topics are all related, as email marketing is a part of marketing automation and is used for conversion practices.



Another blog about the email marketing industry, @deliverability tweets about “news, rumors and commentary from the email deliverability community.” Their articles are written by industry leaders, but they also share content from other accounts in the industry.

They tweet at least once a day, sharing either one of their own blog posts or an interesting article from another account. Their tweets are engaging and intriguing, by asking questions, sharing statistics, and posting pictures and videos.




Even though it’s not solely focused on email marketing, I can’t leave out @MarketingSherpa, a provider of research focused on marketing practices, such as lead generation, social media, and, of course, email marketing.

MarketingSherpa tweets very frequently, multiple times a day. They share marketing articles, mostly from their site, as well as different studies and interesting statistics. If you’re looking for great information about all aspects of marketing, including email marketing, then MarketingSherpa is a must-follow account on Twitter.



What other email marketing Twitter accounts do you follow? Share them in the comments below!

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