The Top Field Service Technology Twitter Accounts to Follow

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In the field service industry, understanding the latest technology is an absolute must! By 2018, studies predict that 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device. Whether you’re hoping to connect to your mobile workforce with phone and tablet apps, improve your services with new technological techniques, or simply run a more efficient business with field service management software, there is so much that technology can do to bring success to field service companies.

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But there’s always room to learn and improve when it comes to the constant new developments of the tech industry. Where can you go to stay on top of everything?

Here’s a list of Twitter accounts to follow to stay up to date with the latest developments in field service technology.


Field Service News, a UK-based field service industry publication, runs an informative Twitter feed, updating followers frequently throughout the day. The website describes itself as “…the key resource for anyone operating a mobile workforce.”

Though they only tweet content from their site, it is still a very informative account to follow. The tweets are engaging, mixing opinions with statistics and facts. And the articles themselves are incredibly informative and useful for a field service professional. If you don’t mind only seeing content from their own site, then follow @FSNewsUK; they tweet many times a day, so you’re guaranteed not to miss the latest article!




This is a well-rounded twitter account to follow. They post regularly throughout the day, sharing both their own content from Field Technologies Online, as well as content from other sites with similar topics.

If you’re looking for a Twitter account to follow that keeps you updated on all things field service software, this is the one for you! They cover field service subjects from mobile software to fleet management. They also post plenty of visuals, including some really great infographics.




Euclides Technologies, “a full service, value-added reseller, and expert integrator of workforce management solutions,” posts on many different subjects relating to field service. They are a very interactive account, because not only do they post news from their site and others, but they even retweet posts of those they follow.

This is a good account to follow if you’re looking to get information on field service related topics, from utilities to solar energy. Plus, they’ll even read and engage with your tweets in return!




Mobile Enterprise mostly tweets their own content, but their own content is really good, in my opinion. They post articles multiple times a day to keep followers up-to-date on all things mobile apps, as well as retweet some good content from people they follow.

Follow this account if you want to know what’s happening in the wider world of mobile software and technology.




Managed by ServiceMax, SmartVan keeps the world updated on how service techs can interact with technology, and they do it with a splash of entertainment.

@TheSmartVan shares their own articles and others’ articles on how technology is shaping the field service industry, and they also retweet many tweets about broader field service topics. They occasionally tweet some entertaining posts – for instance, a recent one details an amazing Christmas lights display and how it went up.




Capterra’s Field Service Management Twitter account aims to be well-rounded, and we’re dedicated educating our followers about the field service industry as a whole, the very latest in field service technology. We’ll even have a laugh or two while doing so! Multiple times throughout the day, we share articles and infographics written (or designed) by our team, as well as other articles, infographics and visuals written by experts throughout the industry, including those mentioned above.




If you want to learn more about field service technology straight from the source, we highly recommend following these five Field Service Management software companies’ Twitter accounts:






What other field service technology Twitter accounts would you recommend to field service businesses to learn more about technology?

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Just found this list, but enjoyed reading it — thanks for writing it up! Throwing in our hat too: @mobi_corp. Here to help businesses plan their day, while showing them ways to improve their ROI.


Don’t forget @TrimbleFSM. Lots of good information


Great info on lists. Another one to watch is @netdispatcher


Great list. I really appreciate you putting this together. You can also follow me on twitter @fielddapp we are getting close to beta!


Hi Caroline,

Thanks for the inclusion and for your kind words!

We do occasionally retweet other accounts although that’d be mostly in UK time so you may miss it.

However, I’ll make it the team New Years resolution to do so more often!

Great list of accounts to follow here though and thanks for putting this together!


Kris Oldland

Field Service News


Great list Caroline. Thanks!

We’re also publishing news on the topic of field service technology. Often tweeting from in the field.



Another account for you to consider following – @LeadentSolution
We are experts in workforce management, we work closely with our clients to help them get the most from their fieldforce. Follow us for updates on all things workforce management!


Great read. I was aware of quite a few of these accounts already, but the others are golden as well. As for any other accounts to follow? I’d like to put a shameless plug to the field service startup I work at: @TractSystems. Give it a chance, thanks!

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