The Top 7 Free Social Media Management Software

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When you’re spending your days talking to customers, keeping your operations running, and making new sales, your social media management software is probably gathering dust.

The Top 7 Free Social Media Management Software

I get it. You’re running a business, not a chat room.

It’s hard enough that you’re being told your business “needs to have a social media presence in 2016.” But did you know that having an inactive social profile might be worse for your brand than having no social presence on a platform?

To keep up your profiles active and relevant, with the least amount of effort, here are the top 7 free social media management tools:

free social media features chart


One of the most recognizable names in social media management, Hootsuite is accessible to businesses of all size with a freemium offering.

At the no-cost level, Hootsuite connects up to three social profiles from your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube. The tool allows you to schedule posts to, respond from, and monitor your profiles and their feeds in one platform. You can monitor post engagement and success with analytics.

The free version does limit you to a basic scheduler (which doesn’t allow you to add images to posts) and a limited analytics platform.

What’s cool? The autoscheduling feature allows you to make sure your profiles never go dormant. You can set parameters (schedule two posts daily, between 9 AM and 5 PM, only on weekdays), and autoscheduling content adds them to a ‘queue’ at the next available time in those parameters.

Hootsuite also has a browser extension that allows you to schedule content from the webpage that you’re visiting directly.

Reviewers find Hootsuite to be easy to use and fairly intuitive, although the analytics–which were only recently rolled out in full–are somewhat light, even at the enterprise level.

Upgrading to Pro for $9.99/mo gets you up to 50 social profiles, bulk message scheduling, and pro reporting.


SocialOomph is an excellent tool for beginning social media managers because it’s a bit more holistic. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and

SocialOomph’s free level allows you to work on up to five twitter accounts to schedule tweets and track keywords. The scheduling and posting tool includes a URL shortening feature also allows you to track clicks.

What’s cool? One feature SocialOomph has–even on the free level–that sets it apart is its ability to allow you to manage your Twitter followers and your direct messages box from within the app. The tool also allows you to save and reuse social posts, for when you want to use posts as part of a campaign or get an extra boost out of your top performing content. They also recently added the ability to schedule pins to your Pinterest boards in advance.

Upgrading to Pro: Unfortunately, SocialOomph’s free level only allows you to work with Twitter and accessing profiles on other platforms requires an upgrade. The good news is, the pro account is very reasonably priced at $6.97/2 weeks, with no contract.


Buffer has made waves in the social media marketing industry for its ability to schedule recurring posts. That means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you schedule the same piece of content.

Buffer’s free version only allows you to schedule posts for a single profile–and limits you to ten posts at a time–perhaps making it best-suited for managing individual accounts or small businesses that only need to manage a single profile. However, the freemium does give you access to nearly all of the paid features, including:

  • Integrating with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+
  • Access to a mobile app on iPhone or Android
  • A browser extension, allowing you to schedule content directly from the page
  • A Video/GIF uploader
  • An optimal timing tool, allowing you to post when your audience is most likely to see it.

What’s cool? Buffer’s stand-out feature, though, is the built-in image creator, Pablo, which allows you to create content to post right within the app.

Reviewers find Buffer easy to use and organized, though the free version is limited in the number of posts it allows you to schedule.

Upgrading is simple on Buffer, as you pay on a per-post basis. $10 gets you 10 profiles and 100 scheduled posts, as well as a few other features.


Mavsocial is, even as a freemium, so fully-fledged that it could be considered a social brand management system. The platform not only allows you to schedule posts for profiles on multiple different networks, but stores your images and assets in the platform for you to reuse.

Mavsocial works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube.

What’s cool? Accessibility.

Check out all these features available on the free level alone:

  • Up to 50 social profiles on 6 social networks
  • Full campaign planner and content calendar
  • Native scheduling and publishing
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Your own digital asset library
  • Access to thousands of stock images to purchase right from within the app
  • Receive support via email

Reviewers find that Mavsocial is great for media driven social strategies, though it might not be the easiest to use product on the market.

Upgrading gets you a customized analytics dashboard, unlimited digital asset storage, additional social network integration, and the ability to republish your posts.

Likeable Hub

Likeable Hub is a well-rounded social media management tool, though the freemium option may be better suited for individuals as it limits your access to business profiles.

Designed for ‘Smarter and Faster’ social media management, at the freemium level you can integrate and autoschedule from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’re offered basic analytics and reporting, email support, and access to a database of thousands of social media post ideas.

Upgrade to VIP to access integration with business pages on both LinkedIn and Facebook, the ability for posts to repeat, and many more features for $19.99/month. Even higher upgrades (at the Expert and Pro levels) allow advanced analytics, access to industry specific content, support and strategy consulting, and even access to Facebook ad spend.


Tweetdeck is a very popular tool for both businesses and individuals looking to manage their Twitter accounts in depth.

The tool allows you to post and schedule to your Twitter accounts, as well as stream all of your feeds in real time. It can be easily integrated with Buffer, for more detailed management. It can also be downloaded as desktop software.

What’s cool? Tweetdeck is fully accessible for free, with no limits to the number of Twitter accounts used.

Tweetdeck also allows you to stream some more advanced feeds, such as the feed of a specific user or a feed of trending content.

Reviewers find it to be the most intuitive Twitter management dashboard available.


SocialPilot is a social media management app geared specifically at online stores, though it can be used by many other types of businesses.

The freemium level offers:

  • Up to three connected profiles
  • 8 different social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest
  • 10 posts/day, with 30 posts scheduled out
  • Content discovery and suggestions
  • Bulk Scheduling

What’s cool? Because SocialPilot is geared towards retails, it’s capable of integrating with your eCommerce site and sending out branded Facebook posts. You’re able to post about your products directly on social media using existing product photos on the site.

This integration–combined with an integration to Pinterest and Instagram–is especially effective for eCommerce sites who rely on stellar visuals.

Reviewers find SocialPilot easy to use and effective.

Upgrade your account for only $4.99/month.

Have a favorite free social media tool you enjoy using? Or is there one I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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We use Hootsuite as part of our social media management in our company. I can’t help but agree to this. Also, it has an interface that really works well if you are obsessed about being organized.

I have used Hootsuite and Mavsocial in the past but now I prefer Sociota. Its easy to work with. Hootsuite’s basic version support limited profiles . And I don’t find there interface userfriendly.

@Sheemona Jordan, did you use Buffer as well? I know it’s better suited to social media scheduling , but it’s very user-friendly and you can use the analytics as well.

Good one! Nice and useful collection of social media management software.

I currently use IFTTT for auto posting from G+ to Twitter and Facebook, but it only allows you to link ONE page, although it’s free. I have several pages so unless I got an email for every page (crazy!), I need to get another tool to post to several different pages depending on certain parameters. It needs to be free as I can’t afford any fees at this stage…

Thank you for taking the time to review these and present them to us in an easy to read fashion! I’m currently using Sprout Social, but was hoping to find something similar in a free/open source variety to save some money.

What is the best tool for updating top 30 social media sites?

I use to use one but cant remeber the name social something…

SocialPilot seems to be a great option!

Where are you getting 50 social profiles for $9.99 a month with Hootsuite Pro? I only see 10 social profiles there at that price. If it WAS 50, I’d probably opt for them.

Hi. Thanks for this post. The MavSocial options are different. For free, you can only connect up to 2 profiles with Facebook and Instagram. It costs $59/month per user in order to connect the 50 profiles, etc.

Im looking for a social media management tools that support more than one facebook ad account. Any ideas?

eClincher is becoming a strong favorite of mine. I can post to ALL my platforms, listen and engage, and upload my RSS feeds and a lot more. It costs me $80 a month as I’m on the Premier plan.

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To me, Hootsuite is the best. For just a free version, it can connect up to 3 different social network. It also quite user friendly.

I used for a long time but they didn’t support a lot if social media.
Now i am using and i am very happy with it.

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Hey James!
Thanks for the comment on – you saved a hair-pulling search session (lol!) – thanks again!

I’m doing a research over SMM tools and found this article, tho I don’t see you have reviewed eClincher. That’s what I’m using right now and I think you should totally give it a look. It combines Hootsuite, Sprout and Buffer functionalities, it’s quite a great tool. I was hoping to get your thoughts on it. I’ll stay tuned!

One more tool I came across with this year is viralpep. Some extraordinary features that outstands other social media management tools are – 50 Social Profile which you can maintain easily on a single platform, Unlimited Posting on social profiles, Scheduling Posts so you can manage your profiles more reliably, Manage a Team of 20 can help in conveying your messages, making the postings fast and easy, 24/7 Support of team for the client, Profile & Post Timezone while you are scheduling it becomes easy to set time, GIF Support, Like and Share, URL Shortener, Video Share, Link Preview is available, hashtag is supported & is Mobile Friendly.

Very helpful article @Dylan but I want to share my knowledge I prefer social camp. Social Champ has very impressive feature more interesting is recycling post which helps me in gaining more generic traffic , also it has team feature so I can share my account with another team member so that they can easily manage my social accounts I recommend you to try it must you can feel difference on your self and also its 14 days trial version is free!

Wanna add to that list. Open Source schedules Tweets, says it is a Buffer clone

I think this list is out of date. Some of these aren’t free, or are only free for 30 days.

There are other tools too which have shown a huge growth in their services! One of them is where the users are availed with many free features for social media management.

I am a big time fan of Hootsuite, but from last few months I am using, which allow me to not only schedule and publish posts, but, also helps me monitor the performance of all my social channels from a single dashboard. Also, now we can respond to our customers via Kalbos on the basis of sentiment analysis. I would recommend this advanced social media management tool to manage all your social channels

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