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Top 3 Free Video Interviewing Software for Recruiters

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These free video interviewing software tools allow recruiters to conduct online interviews with candidates across geographies, thus offering access to a large talent pool.

free video interviewing software

No matter how big a brand is, it’ll not be able to attract the right talent if it fails to offer a flexible and comfortable interview experience to applicants. A streamlined interviewing process helps improve and maintain brand value in the job market and even sets businesses apart from their competitors.

Video interviewing software offers recruiters the flexibility to interview applicants from across the globe. They have access to a wide pool of talent and don’t need to worry about paying travel costs for interviewing selected applicants. Recruiters can also record and share video interviews with involved stakeholders to get collaborative feedback.

But if you thought buying a video interviewing tool is expensive, think again! There are many software solutions available as a free, stand-alone version that doesn’t need to be purchased after a limited amount of time.

To help you choose, we’ve listed three such free video interviewing software based on search engine results page (SERP) data and the number of reviews (15+) on Capterra’s directory. You can read our full methodology below.

This article looks at three highly rated free video interviewing software options. See the full list of free video interviewing software solutions here.

Top 3 free video interviewing software for recruiters (listed alphabetically)

Top 3 Free Video Interviewing Software for Recruiters

1. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a cloud-based recruitment and applicant tracking solution. It offers video interviewing with all of its plans to help recruiters conduct real-time video interviews for remote candidates.

Breezy HR’s free plan can be accessed by an unlimited number of users, but only one job position can be open at a time. It also offers access to one candidate pool, which can be used to store the applicant profiles for future reference.

It automatically posts open job positions to over 50 default job boards to help recruiters source candidates from a large talent pool. It also automates the process of parsing resumes by analyzing resume data. Customer support options for the free plan include email and web support, an online knowledge base, video tutorials, and weekly webinars.

Reporting and analytics in Breezy HR

Reporting and analytics in Breezy HR (Source)

We analyzed user reviews of Breezy HR to evaluate its pros and cons. Here’s what we found.



  • Users can visualize each step of the recruitment process. This helps manage applications better and customize the steps as per needs.
  • Integration with Slack assists recruiters in communicating with candidates through the software itself.
  • The user interface can be clunky at times, especially while setting workflows and automating processes.
  • Users tend to face difficulty in switching between candidate profiles. For instance, each profile doesn’t open in a new tab.

Product Information
Cost to upgrade: The upgrade cost ranges between $143 and $399 per month (billed annually). Custom pricing is also available. Paid plans differ mainly based on the number and types of features required.
Differentiating feature: Interview self-scheduling for applicants

The software allows candidates to self-schedule interviews as per the availability of their interviewers. Interviewers’ Google or Outlook calendar is synced with the software so that candidates can view their schedule and set up an interview.

2. myInterview

MyInterview is a cloud-based video interviewing solution with features such as candidate management, candidate portal, interview management, and multistage screening. It allows recruiters to collaborate with employers and hiring managers to review applications, rate them, and leave feedback for further processing.

Its free plan can be accessed by two users. Recruiters can have one active open job position and interview up to 30 candidates. They can create different types of test questions to screen candidates. They can also set and extend deadlines for interview assignments. Only email support is available for the free plan.

Video interviewing in myInterview

Video interviewing in myInterview (Source)

We analyzed user reviews of myInterview to evaluate its pros and cons. Here’s what we found.



  • The tool is easy to use, and first-time users don’t require any training.
  • Recruiters can share the link of an applicant’s video interview with stakeholders for feedback. Also, stakeholders don’t need to log in to the platform to view the video.
  • Group interviews can’t be conducted. Video interviews have only two-seat capacity: one interviewer and one candidate.
  • Interview invites tend to expire before time, which leads to additional rescheduling efforts.

Product Information
Cost to upgrade: Upgrade plans are called Growth, Professional, and Enterprise. Growth costs $19 per month, and Professional costs $79 per month. The cost of Enterprise is available on request. These plans differ mainly based on the number of users, jobs, and candidates.
Differentiating feature: On-question retakes

The software allows candidates to rerecord their video responses to interview questions. It also lets recruiters set up to five retakes for each question.

3. Vervoe

Vervoe is a cloud-based recruitment management solution that assists with candidate screening, candidate assessment, and hiring, among others. Its free plan can accommodate one user, 50 candidates, and one active assessment.

The tool offers a skill assessment builder to help recruiters create skill tests. It automatically grades these tests and ranks applicants based on their skill match with the job profile. It also offers a library of templatized assessments, which can be customized to suit specific needs.

Recruiters can add a variety of questions, including multiple choice, to these tests. They can even ask candidates to edit documents and code (especially suitable for HTML developer job positions). They can also add time limits to the questions to improve completion rates and reduce instances of cheating.

Video interviewing in Vervoe

Video interviewing in Vervoe (Source)

We analyzed user reviews of Vervoe to evaluate its pros and cons. Here’s what we found.



  • Predefined assessment questionnaires can be easily customized as per recruitment needs.
  • Predefined email templates help save time. Recruiters can share updates with or reply to candidates without having to type fresh emails.
  • The interface is slow to respond, and the software can be a little buggy.
  • At times, the audio in video calls gets disrupted midway, which makes it difficult to conduct interviews.

Product Information
Cost to upgrade: The Starter plan costs $79 per month (billed yearly) and the Growth plan costs $399 per month (billed yearly). Users can also upgrade to the Enterprise version, pricing for which is available on request.
Differentiating feature: Shareable candidate report cards

The tool allows recruiters to create candidate report cards that include applicant details and interview and assessment scores. These cards can be shared with hiring managers and other stakeholders to take collaborative hiring decisions.

Which free video interviewing software should you choose?

Having gone through our recommended software options, you can now choose the one that’s the right fit for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Ensure that the number of users in the free plan fits your requirement: If you have a team of recruiters, then you’ll need a software solution that supports more than one user within its free plan. But if you’re a single or freelance recruiter, you can go for any of these solutions.
  • Note the software upgrade cost and make sure that it fits your budget: If you’re looking to expand your recruitment team or it’s likely that you’ll need more features in the near future, ensure that the upgrade cost of the software you select is within your budget.
  • Read user reviews: Read user reviews on Capterra to assess buyer sentiment about the tools listed in this article.


We used Google SERP data to find free tools for tutoring (as found on April 27, 2020).

Out of these products, we retained 30 that were more popular based on their occurrence on various software lists.

We then evaluated each product and shortlisted those that fulfilled the following criteria:

  • The product is a free, stand-alone version of the software.
  • It is not a trial version of the software wherein users must purchase a product version after a limited amount of time.


Once a tool was classified as free, we analyzed it according to the following criteria:

  • It has at least 15 reviews published on Capterra (as on April 27, 2020).
  • It meets our video interviewing software definition: Video interviewing software speeds up and simplifies recruiting by eliminating the need for multiple in-person interviews.


The content in this piece provides the opinions and points of view expressed by users and does not represent the views of Capterra.

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