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Top 6 Sales and Marketing Tools With Built-in Lead Scoring Feature

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Too many leads and not a way to prioritize them? These tools with built-in lead scoring will help you identify which leads to focus on first.

Top 6 Sales and Marketing Tools With Built-in Lead Scoring Feature

Converting a lead into a customer is a long and time-consuming process. It requires reaching out to the lead systematically over multiple platforms, such as email, social media, and phone calls. It also involves sending out the right kind of content at the right time, personalizing all communications, and following up on time.

While there are sales and marketing tools to handle these tasks, two key questions that remain for any business user are: “Which leads need prioritizing and how to determine these priorities?”

Lead scoring can help here by allowing organizations to score leads based on their importance to the business and their chances of converting into a customer. It factors in characteristics such as the lead’s industry or budget and behaviors such as visiting a website or opening email newsletters.

These days, this functionality comes built-in with several sales and marketing tools. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top six tools that you can consider.

But first, what does “top” mean? These are tools that have consistently featured on our list of top tools and have had an overall user rating of more than 4.5 (out of 5.0) over the last year.

To know more about how we selected these tools, read our methodology here.

We’ll cover the following tools (arranged alphabetically):

Top 6 Sales and Marketing Tools With Built-in Lead Scoring Feature

1. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an automation tool that combines the features of email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) software. It breaks down a business’s outreach intent into four categories and provides solutions for:

  • Awareness and intent (subscription forms and site tracking for visitors)
  • Nurture and educate (dynamic email content and audience segmentation)
  • Convert and close (lead scoring and winning probability)
  • Support and grow (conversations with customers/leads and eCommerce)

The tool tracks the personal and behavioral data of customers and leads as well as monitors certain actions such as a recipient opening your email or a visitor clicking on the features page on your website.

Once a predetermined event takes place, the tool then puts the lead on a pre-created lead nurturing track. Hereafter, it tracks the data in real-time, which allows the lead to be bumped up or down the lead nurturing track depending on their increasing or lowering interest.

Setting up lead scoring rules in ActiveCampaign

Setting up lead scoring rules in ActiveCampaign (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Set up scoring rules for different actions, such as visiting a website, opening an email, and starting a trial. Whenever a contact performs any of these actions, its lead score is automatically updated.
  • Auto-start a nurturing campaign whenever a contact hits a certain lead score. This allows you to target interested users without necessarily tracking each contact manually.
  • Trigger emails to team members whenever a lead’s score changes. This keeps the members notified about all the leads’ status and allows them to prioritize those with the desired scores.
  • Score not just leads and contacts but also deals. This gives a holistic picture when more than one contact/lead is involved in a deal.

Cost: Starts at $9 per month for up to three users. However, lead scoring is included in plans starting from $49 per month.

Support: Chat, email, phone, and a training center.

2. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is an automation tool that focuses on inbound marketing. The tool targets its features on four intents:

  • Attract more visitors (social media, SEO, blogging, and ads)
  • Convert more leads (landing pages, leads management, form builder, call to action, and analytics)
  • Close more deals (CRM, live chat, Salesforce sync, and account-based marketing)
  • Delight more customers (email marketing and CRM)

The tool also offers predictive lead scoring, which essentially bypasses the manual aspects of setting up lead scoring rules. It uses machine learning to parse through thousands of data points to identify the best leads and score them based on their behavior and demographic traits.

Predictive lead scoring in HubSpot Marketing Hub

Predictive lead scoring in HubSpot Marketing Hub (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Fetch data from Salesforce to feed into the lead scoring model. This enables the tool to qualify leads by tracking metrics such as opened emails, CTA clicks, and form submissions.
  • Define the scoring process by manually setting the scoring rules or rely on the offered machine learning-based predictive scoring models.
  • Create up to 25 different score sheets for different products or business lines. This allows you to set different parameters for qualifying leads for different offerings.

Cost: Starts at $50 per month. However, predictive lead scoring is offered in the plan costing $3,200 per month.

Support: Phone, email, knowledge base, training center, and community forum.

3. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a tool that helps businesses drive engagement with their customers and leads. It offers features such as account management, contact management, email integration, lead management, sales reporting, and opportunity tracking.

The tool allows setting up sales processes and qualifying leads based on factors such as demography and location. Once a lead qualifies from being just a contact in the database to being a business opportunity, it is scored based on its characteristics and behavior.

Reviewing the ranking of a lead in Pipeliner CRM

Reviewing the ranking of a lead in Pipeliner CRM (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Score leads based on characteristics such as company size, industry, business goals, compelling events (e.g., new product launch), or project budget.
  • Customize the lead scoring process by defining the scores for different lead characteristics and behaviors. This can be set up by the tool’s administrator.
  • Once scored, the tool ranks leads from the highest to the lowest. This allows you to focus on the leads that meet your desired characteristics and are more likely to close.

Cost: Starts at $25 per user per month.

Support: In-app product tours and context-specific help, searchable knowledge base, YouTube videos, online chat, email support, prioritized technical support, and dedicated account manager.

4. Platformly

Platformly is an integrated platform combining the features of marketing and sales tools. It offers features such as business dashboard, link tracking, CRM, lead capturing, email marketing, integrations, and reporting.

The tool provides a built-in lead scoring system to score contacts based on their activities and characteristics. This score is displayed every time you open a contact’s profile and helps prioritize important leads.

Displaying the lead score of a contact in Platformly

Displaying the lead score of a contact in Platformly (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Customize lead scoring rules by defining the scores for different characteristics and behaviors.
  • Automatically pull data from dozens of third-party sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Foursquare, and feed it into the lead scoring and qualifying processes.
  • Automatically trigger campaigns whenever a contact reaches a defined lead score.

Cost: Starts at $19 per month for 1,000 contacts.

Support: Knowledge database, live chat, and email.

5. SALESmanago

SALESmanago is a marketing automation tool that also offers the features of a sales tool (such as contact management and lead generation). Additionally, there is a feature called social proof that allows eCommerce businesses to display social feedback on their products to boost audience interest. Users can also A/B test their website content and tweak landing pages and product recommendations.

The tool offers a built-in predictive lead scoring feature that assigns points to different lead behavior and characteristics. This score is dynamic and keeps updating depending on a lead’s interaction with the business.

Customizing lead scoring rules in SALESmanago

Customizing lead scoring rules in SALESmanago (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Gauge a lead’s overall interest with global lead scoring, which is a cumulation of all the scores at multiple stages of the marketing and sales processes.
  • Break down a lead’s interest with the three-level lead scoring mechanism, which helps distinguish the lead’s interest in specific offerings.
  • Customize scoring rules to assign points to different aspects of a lead’s characteristics or behavior, such as shopping cart drops, opening a particular email, and live chat interactions.

Cost: The vendor does not provide pricing on the website. Custom quotes can be sought from the vendor.

Support: Live chat, email, phone, and a knowledge base of articles and video tutorials.

6. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a tool that combines the features of sales, CRM, digital marketing, email marketing, and advertising solutions. Its features are focused on the following functionalities:

  • Communicate (email and SMS marketing and live chat with leads/customers)
  • Personalize (CRM, marketing automation, transaction emails, and audience segmentation)
  • Convert (landing pages, signup forms, Facebook ads, and retargeting leads)
  • Improve (reporting, heat maps, and A/B testing of emails)

The tool offers a built-in scoring system that helps users distinguish qualified leads from contacts. The generated scores can be used to automatically trigger outreach campaigns.

Setting up lead scoring in Sendinblue

Setting up lead scoring in Sendinblue (Source)

The tool’s lead scoring highlights:

  • Set up custom lead scoring rules based on desired characteristics and behaviors, such as email clicks, budget, and interest.
  • Integrate with third-party applications, including SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce, to feed characteristic and behavioral data into the scoring process.
  • Auto-segment leads based on their scores. Both the score and the segmentation are dynamic, which allows the leads to shift from one list to another based on their real-time behavior.

Cost: Starts at $25 per month.

Support: Knowledge base, email, phone, and dedicated account manager.

Things to consider when choosing a tool for lead scoring

Even with all this information on the top sales and marketing tools for lead scoring, it can be difficult to select one. To make the process slightly easier, we’ve prepared this list of considerations to keep in mind:

  • Predictive lead scoring or traditional lead scoring: Predictive lead scoring automates entering scoring attributes and scores each lead without manual intervention. Whereas, with the traditional method, you have to set scoring rules and update the attributes for the system to score a lead. If you have a large volume of leads to qualify, predictive lead scoring can save you a lot of time.
  • Importing data from an existing tool or setting up from scratch: Chances are your business already has some kind of sales or marketing tool in place. At the least, you might have some Excel sheets with information on your leads and customers. Whichever tool you select, you want to be able to import this information.So, ensure that the tool you choose integrates with the existing tools to import data from them. However, if you are starting from scratch, it’s better to look for a comprehensive solution that allows performing all marketing and sales functions without having to move data between two tools.

For more information on how to manage your leads, explore the following resources:


To select the products mentioned in this article, we identified the top products for marketing and sales on Capterra’s Top 20 listings. Each of these products was then checked for:

  • Built-in lead scoring feature.
  • Overall rating of 4.5/5.0 between June 29, 2019, and June 29, 2020, on Capterra’s catalog page.
  • More than 10 user reviews between June 29, 2019, and June 29, 2020, on Capterra’s catalog page.

The tools that met all the above criteria were selected for the article.

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