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The Top 20 Most Popular DAM Software {Infographic}

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Digital assets are a product of our online world. Between the thousands of pictures we take every year, our music and documents, we all have a lot of information to store. In the business world, the need to manage these assets is crucial. In terms of security and bandwidth, most businesses with their own multimedia need help to back-up and store these large, important files.


Luckily, there’s software for that. Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is designed to organize your files to make them easy to download, share, archive, and protect.

Capterra has almost 200 DAM solutions listed in our directory. With that many options, it can be hard to figure out which solution is right for the size and scale of your needs. While we can’t tell you exactly what software is right for you, we have produced the Top 20 Most Popular DAM Software Solutions infographic to jump start your search.

This research looks at the top DAM software solutions based on popularity, and is meant to introduce you to some of the “big players” in the space. However, the largest solutions are not always the best for your needs, and this list is not all-inclusive and should not replace your own research and exploration.


This ranking was determined using our unique Popularity Index, which we have used in a series of Top 20 infographics in some of our largest directories. The index takes into account:

  1. Number of current customers
  2. Number of active users
  3. Social reach (number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, LinkedIn Followers, Google +1s, Klout scores, and Capterra reviews)

By “customers,” we refer to the companies that have purchased a license to the software, and by “users” we refer to the number of employees at those customer organizations who access the software.

We pull the social media numbers a few days before launch, and they are as accurate as possible given how these numbers naturally fluctuate.

The index weighs customers and users at 40%, and social numbers at 3.33% each to determine the final score.

To learn more about why we perform the research in this way, please refer to this post by our CEO.


In most cases, the customer and user numbers were given to us by the software vendors. If a vendor could not provide exact numbers, we asked that they provide conservative estimates, erring on the low side. Additionally, some numbers highlighted below are our own estimates, developed using publicly available information and our own industry estimates. We provide these estimates to fill any gaps in our data.

It would be reasonable to assume all numbers in this table are estimates. However, we believe they are the best estimates currently available to the public, and provide a good representation of the market when combined.

DAM data table v2

We update these infographics a few times per year. If you think we missed anyone on this list, please let us know!

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