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6 Most Popular Hotel Management Software Apps

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From on-premise to cloud computing, things are shaking up in the world of hotel property management software.

As new tech trends begin to revolutionize luxury and resort hotels, mobile capabilities are making it possible for hotel staff to manage their property’s operations while away from the front desk.


With the new reliance on mobile, hotel management software apps are growing in popularity with many hospitality property management and vacation rental software solutions cashing in on mobile capabilities.

Instead of simply listing popular hotel software that also offers mobile functionality, I’ve found six popular hotel management apps that came up a lot in Google searches and are specifically geared toward hotel managers who want to operate off their smartphones. They are listed here in alphabetical order.

Let’s get started.


Main dashboard in ALICE


ALICE features both department-specific apps (Staff, Guest, and Concierge) as well as an overarching suite you can use for better operating efficiency across your property.

With ALICE Staff, users can expect features such as internal messaging to keep in touch with staff members as well as the ability to manage and assign tickets. ALICE Concierge is helpful for those at the front desk, enabling employees to integrate your property management system to access important guest information and allowing you to track all requests within one system, including incidents, reservations, transportation services, wake-up calls, and more.

What’s most exciting about this app is its Guest component, where guests can voice their needs and desires, giving them real-time status updates and notifications on the progress of a particular service. Guest tracking metrics are also available on all requests and reservations. Need to find software solutions with similar features? These ALICE alternatives could be what you are looking for.

ALICE is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Cost: Pricing information for ALICE isn’t listed publicly, but you can contact customer service for a quote here.

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2. KWHotel Pro

Reservation calendar in KWHotel

This Windows-based option bills itself as the “ultimate hotel management application” designed to work on multiple computers. KWHotel Pro offers a range of integrated modules, from front desk to housekeeping to reports.

With the KWHotel Pro app, you can bring up the booking calendar right on your phone no matter where you are, because it’s synchronized with the desktop version at your hotel.

With KWHotel Pro, you can add or delete rooms, assign guests, modify reservations, and set prices. If you want to explore products with similar features, these KWHotel alternatives are a great starting point.

Cost: The basic version of KWHotel is free, but in order to get mobile capabilities, you’ll have to upgrade to KWHotel Pro. The annual fee is based on how many rooms you need to cover. At the low end, the price is 70 euros per year for 10 rooms or fewer, and 340 euros at the highest end of the scale, which is more than 100 rooms.

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3. Nano Hotel Booking and Property Management


Nano’s mobile dashboard via iTunes app store

Erziman Asaliyev’s hotel management app is a great option for hotel managers on the go who want to keep tabs on their property. Nano Hotel Booking accomplishes much of the same work as traditional desktop-based solutions, including a calendar that informs users of room occupancies and vacancies as well as how many rooms will be freed up in a set period of time.

Rooms undergoing construction can also be marked off. Users additionally have the option to craft seasonal prices and record each room’s appliances, such as a refrigerator, TV, or telephone. Want to explore software solutions with similar features? These Nano Hotel Booking alternatives are a good place to start.

Nano Hotel Booking and Property Management is compatible with iOS systems.

Cost: $2.99

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4. Roombler

Roombler’s demonstration of the reservation calendar

In addition to being a booking engine, Roombler enables unlimited users to work within the app, something traditional hospitality property management usually caps. Users can drag and drop bookings for sudden reservation date changes, add multiple rooms to a single reservation, and add charges and payments to a booking.

Users can also integrate online travel sites, such as, Expedia, and Airbnb. And if these features aren’t convincing enough, Roombler assures no training is necessary, hopefully meaning users won’t experience the steep learning curve that often comes with traditional hotel management software.

Roombler operates on iOS.

Cost: Roombler’s pricing is simple: It’s 11 euros per unit per month. You can get a 20% discount by paying for the year.

A free 15-day trial is available for those interested.

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5. SabeeApp

SabeeApp’s demonstration of what the app looks like from the guest’s perspective

Running a boutique hotel or a bed-and-breakfast requires software that’s a little different than that used by giant hotels. SabeeApp is cloud-based software “specially tailored to independent hotels and resorts, apartments, guest houses, and the special needs of hostels.”

It offers an all-in-one management system that includes a front desk for reservations and housekeeping, a booking engine, and a way to accept secure payments.

SabeeApp will automatically update your hotel’s rates and availability in real time. Because it’s web-based, there’s no need for installation, maintenance, or backup. Interested in products with similar features? These SabeeApp alternatives could be what you are looking for.

Cost: The software is priced based on how many rooms you manage. For one to three rooms at the low end, it’s a 9 euro fee monthly, and at the high end of 50 to 99 rooms, it’s 119 euros per month. For more than 99 months, you’ll need to set up a consultation with SabeeApp. There is no setup fee, regardless of which you choose.

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6. Tourismart

The guest experience management system in Tourismart

Tourismart has the capabilities of any leading hospitality property management software, except this option can fit in the palm of your hand. Features include real-time communication where hoteliers can speak with guests to help facilitate room service. Guest profiling is also available, which can help hoteliers track their guests preferences and even predict their future purchases or requests.

Reputation management and push notifications round out Tourismart’s standout features, enabling you to provide better service to prevent a bad review and alert guests to potential deals and discounts at your property, such as a discount spa day or half off drinks at the hotel bar. If you need to compare other options with similar features, these Tourismart alternatives are a great place to start.

touismart operates with both Android and iOS.

Cost: Tourismart comes in three basic packages that ascend in price and number of rooms. For up to 35 rooms (recommended for boutique hotels, suites, and traditional guesthouses), users will pay €25 euros per month. For up to 100 rooms (recommended for leisure resorts, luxury apartments, and small city hotels), users will pay €130 euros per month. For more than 100 rooms (recommended for luxury and all-inclusive hotels, independent, or part of a large hotel chain), users can expect to pay 240 euros per month. If you need something beyond the basic package, you can submit a pricing enquiry here.

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What app do you use?

Are there any other hotel property management software apps you think are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below.

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Comment by lcms on

You haven’t seen what a hotel app is until you try out ROOMIE. Combination of entertainment content and extremely powerful features for hoteliers, all cloud base and its free!

Comment by Andrew Chan on

Hey, You forgot about (Almost 50,000 downloads)

Comment by Anthony Poppe on

I would certainly add Knowcross to the list – a very user-friendly, Rooms Division Management Platform, incorporating housekeeping, service requests, complaint handling and preventive maintenance.

*disclaimer: I work for Knowcross.

Comment by Joe Byrne on has only been publicly available for 6 months but glowing customer reviews suggest it is possible to have a fully featured app with minimal training needed. I’m glad to hear you are impressed with the feature set of some of the sites listed as they compare well with us. Disclaimer I’m the CTO of hoping to have our own glowing reviews on capterra soon.

Comment by tom walsh on

Great information; however, as the chairman of a DMO I am seeking a tourism tracking app whereby we can harvest info including from where the tourist is coming as well as how they heard about this region or an excursion or festival they are attending. Determining ROI on investments for marketing campaigns is difficult without tracking. You can guesstimate, however, it is better to be able to verify to the highest degree as possible. Is there an app out there which can serve these purposes?

Comment by Bernie Tay on

Hi all,

I would like to propose Eko ( – a powerful communication tool for managing teams in settings such as hotel operation. It helps hotel managers streamline communication and processes (has a built-in e-forms/tasks management capability and a lot more). It has digitize/mobilize all the mundane hotel processes so that everything can be done on the go using mobile.

Comment by Sue Shay on

Btw… I constantly travel, and like to manage everything while doing so.


Comment by Sue Shay on

I’m just starting a very small hotel in an island. Would you recommend any particular app that would help total management, ( reservation, housekeeping communication, book keeping, etc.)??

Thank you

Comment by Jonathan Weizman on

Hi !

I would like to mention, we transform team communication inside the hotel for now 2 years….and 150 hotels !

Disclaimer :I’m the CEO of Roomchecking…

Comment by Jennifer Champagne on

Thanks Justine!

Comment by Justine Putot on


Great post! and great list.
Keep up the great work!

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