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The Top-Rated Presentation Software for Teachers

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The last thing teachers have time for is fussing with finicky presentation software. These four tools are effective and easy to use.

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As a teacher, you need presentation software to keep your students engaged, and you need to be able to use it both online and in the classroom. Between remote classes, a busy schedule, and limited resources, you shouldn’t settle for presentation software that is difficult to set up and use.

That’s why we put together this list of presentation software options.

So what is presentation software?

Presentation software helps users organize information in a slideshow format and present that slideshow to an audience. It comes with tools and templates to add information in the form of text, images, audio, video, and graphs. Presentation software can help educators bring their lessons to life.

To find out which presentation products are right for your business, we curated a list of the most highly-rated products on Capterra based only on reviews from people in the education industry (read our full methodology below). All of these options have a free, web-based version. They are listed below in alphabetical order.

Top 4 presentation software tools for teachers


Google Slides

  • Overall user rating from education industry: 4.69 out of 5 (1156 reviews)
  • Notable features: Collaboration, cloud sync, Google Drive storage

Google Slides for teaching (Source)

If you’ve ever used Gmail, Google Drive, or any other Google Workspace tools, you’re probably already familiar with Google Slides. Google’s signature simplicity of design and user friendliness makes Google Slides an ideal choice for educational professionals.

Like the other Google tools, Google Slides is web-based, meaning that teachers can access it from any device with an internet browser (though this also means that you’ll have limited functionality without an internet connection). Google Slides is also completely free and allows users to import, edit, and export Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Visit our reviews page to see what real users think of Google Slides, along with pros and cons.


Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Overall user rating from education industry: 4.73 out of 5 (1311 reviews)
  • Notable features: Preformatted layouts, slide morphing, smartphone laser pointer

PowerPoint tips for teachers (Source)

Microsoft’s signature presentation software, PowerPoint, has become a name synonymous with computer presentations since the software was first launched in 1987. While the name might elicit thoughts of business presentations full of dry bar charts, PowerPoint is also highly rated by educators. Many schools are equipped with machines powered by Microsoft Windows, and users who are familiar with the Windows OS should feel right at home navigating PowerPoint. Microsoft has been iterating and improving PowerPoint for three decades now, so it is one of the most feature-rich presentation tools available.

Visit our reviews page to see what real users think of PowerPoint, along with pros and cons.



The Prezi logo


151 reviews

  • Overall user rating from education industry: 4.65 out of 5 (151 reviews)
  • Notable features: Conversational presenting, animations, video conferencing integration

Getting started with Prezi Video for teachers (Source)

Prezi was launched in Budapest in 2009 with the tall task of earning market share in a presentation software market that already included popular products from Google and Microsoft. Now, Prezi claims more than 100 million users worldwide with more than 360 million presentations created. It has been translated into nine different languages and has been used in every country across the globe. Prezi is popular among educators because it is free, it easily incorporates video, and it can be used seamlessly online or in-person, according to users.

Visit our reviews page to see what real users think of Prezi, along with pros and cons.



The Visme logo


70 reviews

  • Overall user rating from education industry: 4.76 out of 5 (70)
  • Notable features: Infographics, social media templates, video editor

Visme 101: How to quickly get started (Source)

Visme is a Maryland-based online visual design tool designed to handle everything from animations to infographics, and of course, presentations. It is entirely browser-based, so educators can use it from any internet-connected device, from smartphones to tablets. Teachers find Visme versatile and easy to use, and also appreciate the responsiveness of the support team when they have a question.

Visit our reviews page to see what real users think of Visme, along with pros and cons.

Presentation software for education should be effective and easy to use

There is a common thread that runs through all of the presentation tools featured in this article based on their high ratings by educators: They are effective and easy to use. As a teacher, you don’t have time to waste with a complicated setup process. You also don’t want to waste your energy on an overly simple presentation tool that isn’t capable of delivering engaging presentations.

Find more presentation tools

We hope that one of the tools included here strikes the right balance for you and your students, but if you still want to browse more tools after reading this article, check out our presentation software directory.

You can use the directory to find free options, sort by highest rated, and even read a buyers guide to help you better understand the market.


The four products with the highest ratings from education industry reviewers are featured in this article.

To be considered for this article, products must:

  • Meet the market definition for presentation software: “Presentation software helps salespeople, marketing employees, and other professionals with creating and conducting presentations.”
  • Offer the following core features: Animations and transitions, media library
  • Have at least 20 reviews from education industry reviewers in the past two years

Only reviews from users in the education industry were evaluated to select the products featured in this article.

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