5 Best Project Management Software for Marketing

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Are you a small business marketer juggling digital marketing, content marketing, advertising, and public relations? Are you too overwhelmed to focus on your overall marketing strategy and business goals?

It might be time for you to invest in project management software.

Project management software gives you an overview of all your marketing activities and enables you to:

  • Collaborate and manage tasks on different projects and campaigns
  • Schedule resources on different projects based on their availability
  • Monitor time spent and return on investment on marketing projects

However, to get the most return on investment (ROI) from your software purchase, it’s important to select the right project management solution that fits all your marketing needs.

best project management software for marketing

Reading software user reviews is a good place to start to evaluate a PM tool for your marketing needs.

Analyzing product reviews helps small-business marketing managers understand the pros and cons of a product from the perspective of other marketers and helps them shortlist products on qualitative parameters such as ease-of-use, customer support, and product features.

Thirty-four percent of small businesses do not evaluate software reviews, which puts them in danger of purchasing a project management solution that does not fit their marketing needs.

To make your job easy, we’ve analyzed around 4,000 project management software reviews from small business marketers to come up with the following five top-rated project management solutions for marketing management:

5 top-rated project management software for marketing

Asana: Project management solution with robust task management features

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management solution.

Key features include:

  • Task management: Create tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, and track progress with Gantt charts and dashboards.
  • Project communication: Provide project status updates for managers and stakeholders and add detailed comments to tasks and subtasks.
  • Project dashboard: Create customized dashboards to track project status and milestones.
  • File sharing: Share documents via Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box integrations.

Asana offers subscription pricing and is available in three pricing options (premium, business, and enterprise), based on the number of included features. Asana also offers a freemium version that supports up to 15 users.

Product roadmapping in Asana

Product roadmapping in Asana (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on our analysis of user reviews on Capterra for project management tools from users in marketing roles, here’s an overview of what they like about Asana and what they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Clear timelines: A number of Capterra reviewers say the timeline functionality makes it easy to monitor the real-time progress of different tasks and projects.
  • Drag-and-drop file sharing: Reviewers also appreciate the ease of use of the file-sharing functionality. The software lets you drag-and-drop files and images to tasks and also allows you to search for images using meta tags.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app: Reviewers find Asana’s mobile app easy to learn and use, and they like the offline access function.

What users think could be improved

  • Lack of chat functionality: A number of Capterra reviewers state that the lack of private messaging and chat is a limitation.
  • Limited calendar features: Reviewers say that the calendar doesn’t allow users to see tasks, subtasks, and due dates, or to merge calendars.

Who should use Asana?

Asana is a complete project management solution that combines project collaboration and task management functionalities. The product best suits marketing managers in all sizes of businesses who want to want to streamline their task management process.

Asana is also great for first-time PM software users who are looking for a free product. The free version of Asana supports up to 15 users and includes basic project management features such as task boards and lists, calendar view, and status updates.

Basecamp: Easy-to-use project management solution for managing multiple projects

Basecamp is cloud-based project management software.

Key features include:

  • To-do lists: Create task lists, assign them to people, and set due dates for each task.
  • Message board: Collaborate with team members on topics, ideas, or a specific project.
  • Scheduling: Schedule events and tasks and sync with iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook.
  • File sharing: Upload files, images, and documents using drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Client access: Give clients access to project tasks and enable them to add comments.

Basecamp offers a flat monthly rate for an unlimited number of users and projects.

To-do list in Basecamp

A to-do list in Basecamp (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on our analysis of user reviews on Capterra for project management tools from users in marketing roles, here’s an overview of what they like about Basecamp and what they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Ease of use: Basecamp is built around ease of use, and this is evident in the Capterra reviews. Reviewers admire the product for its easy set-up and learning curve.
  • Tools to effectively manage multiple projects: Another advantage that a number of reviewers mention is the ease of managing multiple projects: Basecamp allows project managers to create multiple projects and add task lists across each of the projects.
  • Low cost: Capterra reviewers appreciate Basecamp’s upfront cost and simple pricing model.

What users think could be improved

  • Lack of advanced features: While reviewers value Basecamp for its simplicity, they also mention that it lacks features such as resource planning and time-tracking.
  • Limited reporting functionality: Reviewers feel that the product could include more advanced reporting options.

Who should use Basecamp?

Basecamp best suits small and midsize business marketers looking for a project management tool to help them manage multiple projects.

Monday.com: Highly rated for ease of use and customer support

Monday.com is a project management solution that is available in both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options.

Key features include:

  • Project templates: Customize project workflow templates that can be replicated for similar projects.
  • Timeline planning: Plan timelines across different stages of a project, and track task progress in a dashboard.
  • Project collaboration: Communicate with team members by adding messages to tasks.
  • File management: Add files, images, and other multimedia files to tasks. Users can also search for documents.
  • Time tracking: Track time spent by each team member on a project and use the information for client billing.

Monday.com offers monthly subscription pricing and is available in four different pricing plans: basic, standard, pro, and enterprise.

task management in monday.com

Task management in monday.com (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on our analysis of user reviews on Capterra for project management tools from users in marketing roles, here’s an overview of what they like about monday.com and what they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Extensive customization options: Capterra reviewers find it easy to customize task boards, workflows, and dashboards.
  • Intuitive reporting tools: Capterra reviewers find monday.com’s reporting functionality easy to use and useful for management.
  • Responsive customer support: Reviewers appreciate monday.com’s customer care responsiveness.

What users think could be improved

  • Slow speed: Capterra reviewers report that the software slows down once a large number of users and projects are added.
  • Bundled pricing: Another downside that reviewers mention is mondays.com’s bundled pricing, which means that you will have to pay a minimum fixed monthly cost for up to five users even if you have fewer than five users.

Who should use monday.com?

Monday.com is a team-based project management solution and therefore works well for marketing managers in small and midsize businesses who need to manage more than five team members.

Apart from team management, monday.com also has a strong client interaction functionality, making the product suitable for marketing agencies and customer-facing marketing teams.

Teamwork Projects: Project collaboration software for small teams

Teamwork Projects is a cloud-based project management solution.

Key features include:

  • Messaging: Use comments and notes to communicate between project managers and team members. Users can also use “@” mentions to tag people in a comment.
  • Time tracking: Track time spent on different tasks in a project, which can be used to bill clients by the hour.
  • Gantt charts: Visualize the progress of different tasks in a project.
  • Task dependencies: Inform stakeholders of preceding tasks if their delays are impacting further work. The feature is helpful in coordinating projects that involve multiple steps and people.

Teamwork Projects is priced on a per month basis, and is available in three pricing options: pro, premium, and enterprise.

There is also a free version that supports up to five users and allows you to add up to two projects.

Project dashboard in Teamwork Projects

Project dashboard in Teamwork Projects (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on our analysis of user reviews on Capterra for project management tools from users in marketing roles, here’s an overview of what they like about Teamwork Projects and what they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Easy learning curve: Capterra reviewers find the product interface interactive and easy to learn. They also like the training guides and videos.
  • Detailed task lists: Reviewers like the breadth of customization options for the task list including tasks, subtasks, due dates, and priority labels.
  • Customizable project templates: Capterra reviewers say the project templates in Teamwork Projects help them create similar projects with ease.

What users think could be improved

  • Limited time-tracking: Capterra reviewers feel that the time-tracking feature of the product could be more robust.
  • Complex Gantt chart views: Reviewers would like the Gantt chart functionality to be more interactive and easy to use.

Who should use Teamwork Projects?

Since Teamwork Projects focuses on project collaboration, the product is best suited for small business marketers in agencies, creative teams, and in-house marketing departments who are looking for a project management solution to improve coordination between their team members.

Workfront: Project management solution for managing processes and workflows

Workfront is a cloud-based project management solution.

Key features include:

  • Demand management: Create and prioritize request queues using customizable forms.
  • Resource management: Assign the right people to project tasks based on their availability and skill set.
  • Task management: Create, assign, and track project tasks.
  • Approval management: Design the process of managing project approvals in order to collect the necessary information and comments at each stage of the approval process.
  • Collaboration: Enable real-time collaboration via instant messaging and project comments.

Workfront is available in four different pricing options (team, pro, business, and enterprise), which are dependent on the size of the business and number of features included.

Reporting in Workfront

Reporting in Workfront (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on our analysis of user reviews on Capterra for project management tools from users in marketing roles, here’s an overview of what users like about Workfront, as well as what they feel could use improvement.

What users like

  • Easy customization: Capterra reviewers like Workfront’s customization ability for project dashboards, task boards, timesheets, and notifications.
  • Quick customer support: Reviewers also appreciate Workfront’s customer support. Users find the self-service knowledge base of the product useful and find the support staff responsive.
  • Detailed workflows: Reviewers find the project workflows in Workfront easy to design and customize.

What users think could be improved

  • Slow learning curve: Reviewers point out that it takes some time to learn to fully utilize the product.
  • High cost: Reviewers find that while businesses can benefit from the breadth of the features that the product offers, the pricing of the product may be prohibitive, especially for small teams.

Who should use Workfront?

Workfront works well for managing complex project workflows that involve multiple teams. Therefore, Workfront is best suited for marketers in midsize companies who need to collaborate with a lot of people and teams, both within the organization and external clients.

Next steps

After you’ve gone through this list of top-rated products, the next step is to evaluate each of these according to your needs.

We recommend that you follow these three steps to create a shortlist:

  1. Evaluate your feature requirements: Each of the products on this list include project collaboration, scheduling, and reporting functionalities. However, your business may have specific needs outside the ones mentioned in the list. For example, a marketing agency that needs to charge its clients by the hour will need a project management solution with time-tracking functionality. You should identify such needs and shortlist the products accordingly.
  2. Request product demos and free trials: Before finalizing a purchase, you should view product demonstrations and use free trial versions to get a hands-on experience with the product.
  3. Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the product: Apart from the subscription and one-time costs, there can be a number of hidden costs related to a software purchase. For example, the vendor may charge you extra money for additional features or advanced support. Before finalizing a product purchase, you should calculate the TCO of the product and move forward only if the actual cost fits your budget.
Compare even more project management software tools in our directory, where you can read more user reviews and filter products by rating, features, and more.


The solutions highlighted in this article are the project management software systems that have the highest average overall user rating from marketing professionals at the time of writing. We evaluated 216 project management apps and a total of approximately 3,936 validated user reviews on Capterra’s website, exclusively from users in marketing departments, marketing agencies, and PR agencies.

Here’s an overview of our method for choosing this list of top-rated products:

  • We analyzed reviews from users in marketing departments, marketing agencies, and PR agencies and shortlisted those products that had at least four out of five stars and a minimum of ten user reviews.
  • The products in the list offer these key project management features: project scheduling, collaboration, and reporting.
  • The “What users like” and “What users think could be improved” sections are based on feedback from users who left reviews.
  • The “who should consider this software” section is a summary of analysis conducted on the general comments from software users. This section highlights the most popular features of the software product and recommends who should consider buying that product and why.

Note: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of Capterra.

Looking for Project Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Project Management software solutions.

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