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Top Project Management Software for the Manufacturing Industry

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When you run a manufacturing business, you can’t drop any balls. The right manufacturing project management software can be your safety net.

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As a project manager in the manufacturing field, you know how much a slight miscalculation or miscommunication can wreak havoc on your business. Project management software can help your project team stay on top of everything, from collaboration to timelines, and budgets.

What is project management software?

Project Management software automates task assignment, resource allocation, and milestone tracking for all phases of a project. This software may take one of three approaches.

  • Collaborative: For projects that require multiple people
  • Top-down: When one person at a time works on a project
  • Integrated: Projects that involve multiple aspects of an organization

To find out which Project Management products are right for your business, we curated a list of the highest rated products on Capterra based on reviews from people in the Manufacturing industry (read our full methodology below).

A comparison chart of 5 top project management tools as reviewed by users in the manufacturing industry



Overall user rating from Manufacturing industry: 4.75 (24)

A screenshot of the main projects report screen in FreedcampProjects reports screen in Freedcamp (Source)

Notable features: Kanban board, Gantt chart view, Wiki documentation

Freedcamp launched in 2009 and is a California-based project management software provider. It offers the flexibility of both Kanban board and Gantt chart view options. It has a range of packages and pricing plans, from a free plan with core task management features and limited file sizes all the way up to an Enterprise plan (starting at $16.99/user/month) with private cloud and white labeling.

Reviewers from the manufacturing industry find Freedcamp’s interface to be intuitive with many useful features.

Visit our Freedcamp reviews page to read more in depth opinions, including pros and cons.


Overall user rating from Manufacturing industry: 4.7 (43)

A screenshot of the Kanban board view in MeisterTask project management software
The Kanban board view in MeisterTask (Source)

Notable features: Kanban board, searchable task archive, recurring tasks

MeisterTask is a Vienna-based task management app launched in 2015 by Meister, a software development company known for the mind mapping software, MindMeister. MeisterTask offers a free version with basic task management and up to three simultaneous projects. The Pro version, which adds unlimited projects, automations, integrations, and more starts at $8.25/month.

Manufacturing users find MeisterTask to be easy to use and effective for team communication and task management.

Visit our MeisterTask reviews page to read more in depth opinions, including pros and cons.


Overall user rating from Manufacturing industry: 4.66 (38)

A screenshot of the Kanban board view in Microsoft Project
The Kanban board view in Microsoft Project (Source)

Notable features: Dynamic scheduling, resource labeling, automated workflows

Microsoft Project may be the world’s most popular project management software, with roots dating all the way back to 1984 and a massive install base through Office 365. With decades of iterations, Microsoft Project includes just about any project management feature a team could think of, including automation and advanced reporting. The web version of Microsoft Project starts at $10/user/month and Microsoft also offers an on-premise version starting at $620.

Manufacturing users find Microsoft Project to be ideal for handling large projects and they find the reporting feature to be handy.

Visit our Microsoft Project reviews page to read more in depth opinions, including pros and cons.


Overall user rating from Manufacturing industry: 4.81 (27)

A screenshot of a Kanban style board in Samepage
A Kanban style board in Samepage (Source)

Notable features: Content management, mind mapping, Kanban boards

Samepage aims to put teams on the same page through its feature-rich project management tool that launched out of Silicon Valley in 2017. The platform has a focus on collaboration and communication (including built-in video conferencing), along with mind mapping and multiple project views. Samepage offers a free version for small teams with basic task management needs, and the standard version with advanced features starts at $7.50/user/month.

Manufacturing users find the interface to be well suited for teams of all sizes and experience levels.

Visit our Samepage reviews page to read more in depth opinions, including pros and cons.


Overall user rating from Manufacturing industry: 4.64 (106)

A screenshot of the real-time dashboard in Smartsheet project management software
The real-time dashboard in Smartsheet (Source)

Notable features: Spreadsheet-based, automated workflows, multiple project views

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet-based work management and collaboration tool launched outside of Seattle in 2006. The developers claim that their tool is used by more than 90% of Fortune 100 companies, and the platform integrates with more than 70 other applications, including the Microsoft Office suite. Smartsheet starts at $14/month for an individual user, and the Business plan starts at $25/user/month with unlimited dashboards, reports, and collaborators.

Manufacturing users praise Smartsheet’s reporting capabilities along with the robust feature set.

Visit our Smartsheet reviews page to read more in depth opinions, including pros and cons.

Use a project management tool to stay on top of all your manufacturing business details

In this article, we looked at five top project management tools as reviewed by manufacturing users. Looking for more? If you want to boost your project management experience and review more tools, check out our 2021 Shortlist for Project Management Software. (Spoiler alert: only two of the products we reviewed above appear on our Shortlist).

A screenshot of the quadrant-based 2021 Capterra Shortlist for project management software
The 2021 Capterra Shortlist for project management software (Source)


The five products with the highest ratings from manufacturing industry reviewers are featured in this article.

To be considered for this article, products must:

1. Meet the market definition for project management software: Project management software helps project managers and organizations execute projects—unique initiatives with a set scope/deliverables, a set timeline, and set resources/budget. These tools help businesses plan, monitor, and control project costs, schedules, and resources so they can deliver value and meet project success criteria. Their target audience is technical professionals, i.e., project managers. Key features include task/work management, reporting/project tracking, and project planning (define scope, timeline, and resources/budget).

2. Offer the following core features: task management, collaboration, and reporting/project tracking.

3. Have at least 20 reviews from manufacturing reviewers in the past two years

Only reviews from users in the manufacturing industry were evaluated to select the products featured in this article.

Looking for Project Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Project Management software solutions.

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