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The Top 5 Zenefits Competitors

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Zenefits has really shaken up the HR software industry since launching in 2013.

zenefits comparison

With millions in VC money, a slick, web-based platform, and an innovative business model that allows it to offer its HR product for free to companies looking for a comprehensive benefits, payroll, time, and compliance tool, Zenefits has grown like gangbusters.

In fact, in 2015, it was named the fastest-growing Silicon Valley company.  That’s some rarified air to be breathing.

Reviewers cite how easy-to-use and well-designed the software is, and they praise Zenefits’ constant updates and new feature rollouts.

But it may not be the perfect fit for every organization. If your company wants a tool with different features, or just an alternative to Zenefits that better maps to your existing processes, there are options out there.

To help you do your due diligence, I’ve put together a list of five Zenefits competitors, based on search volume and similarity in offering. I also took into consideration ranking and popularity with users. The list has been organized alphabetically.

1. ADP


ADP reporting dashboard

ADP is big.  It’s the enterprise HR and payroll platform that many look to as the legacy industry standard.  Yet it serves businesses of every size, from one to 49 employees, all the way up to businesses with 1000+ employees.  ADP covers everything from payroll and tax, to benefits, talent management, and compliance.  If you want a time-tested, comprehensive platform, you could do worse than a giant such as ADP.

Reviewers say:

In reviews on Capterra, users find that ADP has great customer service, answering questions and following up in a timely manner. Reviewers also find the software easy to use on both desktop and mobile versions.

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2. BambooHR


BambooHR user info

Another cloud-based HR tool, BambooHR targets the smaller end of the market. The offering includes time tracking, training, and benefits.

BambooHR is unique in that it partners with a lot of other software vendors and an array of apps to provide seamless integrations with payroll, applicant tracking, and performance review tools.

Reviewers say:

According to Capterra reviewers, BambooHR is a huge help with organization and time management. Users also like the clean interface, the easy learning curve, and the real-time reporting features.

The onboarding features in particular have been called “very efficient.”

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3. Gusto


Gusto Welcome page on mobile and computer views

Formerly known as ZenPayroll, Gusto focuses on the mall to mid end of the market (pricing is $39 a month plus $6 per employee).  

It also aims to be streamlined, targeting payroll and benefits functionality almost exclusively.  Features such as automated tax filing and payroll, and employee self-enrollment help lean organizations save time, and integrations with small-business accounting platforms such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and Xero, mean you don’t have to alter your existing processes.

Reviewers say:

Reviewers say that Gusto is easy to use, turning long tasks into just a few clicks. Employee reviewers love that they can access their own materials without having to go through HR, and admin users love how easy it is to make changes.

More than one reviewer refers to Gusto as fun or enjoyable—surprising words for payroll!

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4. Paycor Perform

Paycor user profile

Combining payroll and HR, Paycor is another popular Zenefits alternative.

What makes Paycor different is its focus on compliance, so if you’re trying to be more compliant, maintain compliance, or add new benefits to your staff’s packages, Paycor’s got you covered. It has a feature that automatically connects the software to your health insurance providers, so you can avoid a complex emailing process.

Its website even offers a short quiz you can take to see what Paycor package best fits your business.

Reviewers say:

Paycor users reviewing the software on Capterra mention how quick Paycor makes formerly time-consuming tasks such as payroll and asset management. Reviewers love that the entire process is digital, so no scanning is needed. Paycor’s customer service is also reviewed as being fast, knowledgeable, and thorough.

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5. UltiPro

UltiPro main page

UltiPro bundles training, payroll, and benefits management, all with a focus on ease of use for the employee.

UltiPro considers itself a people-first company, and it appears to deliver on this. Mentions of the company’s responsive customer service appear throughout Capterra’s reviews.

Reviewers say:

Users of UtiliPro love its design, especially how it eliminates unnecessary steps to streamline tasks. According to users, updates, W-2s, paystubs, and direct deposit features are all straightforward and very fast. Users also love the value of the product, with some commenting that they hope they never have to use another system again.

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Others Zenefits alternatives?

Are there any other Zenefits competitors you’d include on this list?  Have you had experience with any of the above?  How do they compare?

Add your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @CapterraHalden.

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Halden Ingwersen

Halden Ingwersen

Halden Ingwersen is a former Capterra analyst.


Comment by Steve Y on

I had been using ADP for years now. As my company grew – ADP actually was getting more and more archaic, slow and full of errors. Their T&A solution is so clunky it hurts. It is half baked into their payroll and I spent hours running payroll and managing time sheets for my 20+ employees and contractors. I started looking at alternatives a year and a half ago and still have not made a switch. I started with Zenefits, a logical choice based on the advertisements. My first experience back then was beyond horrific. That was a complete vaporware. Nothing worked. I just came back to take a mother look. It has changed a lot – so many new features, that I would love to use! I started taking a deeper look, their support is finally on par. Unfortunately, I discovered several show-stoppers for my business. First off 7 day payroll processing. WOW. Even though it is seemingly a problem only for the first run, still I am sure it will crate problems for me down the line. Second show stopper – they do not offer any features to contractors, i.e. no time tracking, minimum onboarding. Did not work for me. Otherwise, looks like they went out of their way with the new CEO to make needed changes (beyond obviously hiring licensed brokers). Next one I tried was Gusto. By far – the best, simplest, streamlined UX. LOVE IT. Right off the bat I got it going; however, immediately realized its no match for ADP/Zenefits. No timesheets, no welcome letters/offer letters, etc etc. Such a shame. Will wait a year or two?

NEXT: BambooHR. where do I start. Example of good idea gone wrong. Windows, pop-ups, buttons, broken workflows.. Dizzyyy.. Took me forever to get started. Tons of useful onboarding staff, like tracking employees education and social footprints (is the last one even legal??) The web site advertises integrated timesheets – none are available. Unless I missed it in the whirlwind of menus. I usually don’t like the SaaS sites that make your own domain, so 1999… Having your own logo on the white-labeled domain and Company Links – is a nice touch. So is the “Whats Happening at” on the employees’ dashboard. But man, they desperately need a good kick-ass UX designer to revamp this.Might not be a bad product.

Paychex. Oh boy.. This thing should really be run on Windows 95, where it belongs judging by its looks. Thank you, I will stay with ADP. At least ADP Java applets based staff is circa 2005. I know they do all ADP does, but boy the company of THTA size that does NOT want to invest into upgrading their main product for decades does not deserve new customers. Just those that are stuck with it..

TriNet. I will be spending some time on this, too soon to tell. No demos, no walkthroughs no online signups. Already a bad sign. I know their main product is outsourced HR and PEO Not my choice.

So far I am stuck with ADP. HELP!!


Comment by Justen van Eck on

We use beneple.com and it does everything we need from an HR perspective. It’s primarily built and tailored for UAE based businesses so covers things like visa and passport expiries as well. Best of all, it’s free as long as you allow them to quote you on your employee insurance options like short term, long term & medical. And the quote they gave turned out to be more value and cheaper than our existing cover in any case.

Comment by Steve on

PrismHR is a good competitor as well.

Comment by Kristy McCannon on

Hey JP,

I don’t usually use comments to talk about Flock, but since you specifically asked, I will. 🙂

Flock (helloflock.com) is an all-in-one software platform to manage HR, Benefits, and Compliance. No paper, no headaches.

The HR platform (onboarding, time-off, documents/offer-letters/etc, employee engagement) is free, and we charge a small fee for the Benefits Administration module (sometimes subsidized by the insurance broker). We connect to payroll systems (ie. integrated with ADP payroll etc) and work with health insurance brokers (we are not a broker).

Happy to discuss more!


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