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The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Church Technology Advice

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Update 5/23/18: This piece has been updated to add new Twitter accounts to follow for church technology advice.

Let’s admit it—churches, historically, have not always been the most tech savvy.

But as technology and social media continue to permeate everyday life, successful churches are seeing technology as a tool to better serve their members, rather than as a hindrance. In a time when millennials are leaving the church, technology can help bring them back.

But once you’ve committed to using technology in your church, where do you go to learn more about it?

best twitter accounts to follow for church technology advice

9 church technology Twitter accounts

I’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts you can follow to get the best information about church technology and how you can implement it in your church. They are listed based on number of followers and Tweets, from highest to lowest.

1. @ChurchMag

Followers: 13,000+

Tweets: 33,000+

This account mostly shares articles from their blog, Church Mag, which discusses topics such as church technology and creative strategies to grow your ministry.

There is a definite slant toward church marketing, so if you’re looking at tech-themed musings with a side of branding advice and Marvel references, you’re in the right spot.

2. @cmsucks

Followers: 12,900+

Tweets: 16,800+

Church Marketing Sucks offers a lot of insight into church communications. Once you get past the shock of the title, @cmsucks is a great account to learn about how to make church marketing great.

It does cover technology, including church website and social media best practices, but it also discuss publicity, branding, and big picture marketing ideas for churches just getting started.

There is also an occasional focus on current social issues, so if you’re looking to learn more about how to include a a social justice message in your branding efforts, look here.

3. @churchprodmag

Followers: 10,100+

Tweets: 6,800+

If you work in a church and already identify as a techie, this is a great Twitter feed to check out. The feed includes material from Church Production Magazine and information about upcoming conferences.

The topics that @churchprodmag focuses on are geared toward churches with an IT staff and with fairly large, media-heavy services.

4. @ChurchTechToday

Followers: 6,800+

Tweets: 15,300+

The Church Tech Today Twitter account shares articles from its own site, which focuses on “how technology can truly impact the church in positive ways.”

Articles cover a wide variety of tech-focused topics, from church software and websites, to social media and communications advice, to sound technology for worship services. ChurchTechToday is also possibly the most active church technology account on Twitter, so you won’t miss much if you follow them.

5. @christmediamag

Followers: 4,500+

Tweets: 4,800+

Another popular industry publication, Christian Media Mag, aims to educate church leaders on media strategies. Topics include website design, social media best practices, and how to create beautiful visual media for church services.

Christian Media Mag is great for church marketing, but maybe less so for the IT person looking for technical advice and ideas.

6. @CapterraChMS

Followers: 600+

Tweets: 3,900+

Sharing articles from this blog and all the other resources I’ve shared above, @CapterraChMS focuses on helping churches learn how software can benefit their ministry. We also share articles about other technological tools and advice that can help churches improve their performance and effectiveness as a whole.

The main goal of @CapterraChMS is to educate church leaders and administrators about the advantages of software, but it also encourages churches to embrace technology as a whole.

7. @EcclesiaMedia

Followers: 400+

Tweets: 1,900+

This Twitter feed is managed by a digital agency focused on helping churches refine their social media practices to reach more believers. Their tweets focus mainly on creating consistent, compelling content on multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feature largely). Though Ecclesia Media does not have its own website (it runs a Tumblr instead), it shares posts from many other sources as well as its own content.

One thing that stands out is the variety of blog posts shared by Ecclesia Media about church social media. If you follow this account, you will not only get their insights into building a strong social media practice but you’ll be kept up to date on social media trends and advice from several ChMS vendors and media agencies.

8. @soren_tech

Followers: 300+

Tweets: 2,800+

Soren Technology works with both churches and nonprofits to help them effectively build communities through technology. Their account is full of good advice on how to think about the big questions of church tech and the internet—examples include dealing with the loss of a loved one on social media and protecting your congregation’s data.

These thought-provoking topics are explored on a variety of shared blog sources (secular and Christian) and their own blog.

9. @MissionalTech

Followers: 90+

Tweets: 800+

Missional Tech is a solid Twitter account to follow if you are looking for ways to effectively use software to make your church more efficient. This information is great for small and new churches who just need to get their ministry off the ground without breaking the bank.

There are a variety of helpful tips on everything from password security to website creation to hashtags, and their articles are easy to follow while still being quite thoughtful.

Who do you follow on Twitter?

What other Twitter accounts would you recommend to church leaders to learn more about technology? Let us know in the comments!

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Comment by Meredith Gould (@MeredithGould) on

Wow! Thanks…I logged on to check your list to see if I wanted to retweet it to #chsocm enthusiasts and was delighted and honored to see my name on it.

While I love creating content, I think I might love curating even more. I have an entire column in my Tweetdeck set up to review news, information, and other stuff that I hope will help church communicators which, in the world of social media, is all people of faith.

As for the non-church communications stuff, it’s mostly healthcare — look for more in 2015 about the intersection of health and spiritual growth. Also whatever I find amusing in that moment. And pictures of my cat.


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Thanks for the very kind words!


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I am glad to see we made the cut. 😉

Keep being awesome.


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Great list! Thank you for including Elexio!

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