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Using a Mobile POS for Efficient, Stress-Free Inventory Management

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At face value, the primary benefit of a mobile POS system is that it frees you from a cash wrap and allows you to utilize it around your store, providing a degree of mobility a stationary POS register cannot offer. Intuitively, you can also utilize features such as reporting tools and touchscreens to make back office operations much easier to do, which is beneficial for both your profits and customers. One of these back office operations would be the long-loathed task of performing inventory checks.

Mobile POS for inventory mgmt

Taking on an inventory check can be one of the most strenuous tasks a retail store can endure on a regular basis, and this especially rings true for stores that carry many small pieces of merchandise. Given that the integrity of your inventory and the accuracy of your counts is crucial to maintaining order and organization in your store, even one miscount while checking inventory can throw you off in the future. Miscounts lead to many bad things: customer service issues over selling non-existent stock due; a general lack of information regarding your counts; or over- or under-ordering your stock.

Let’s look at the all too common inconveniences with inventory checks:

  • They can literally take hours – sometimes an entire night – to complete, depending on your stock and how organized (or disorganized) it is.
  • If your stock is located far from your register or terminal, you’ll have to resort to taking notes or constantly running back and forth to the terminal to log the count. If this is done over and over, it can lead to mistakes and errors when combined with the general fatigue the task already brings.
  • If you are a store that primarily carries multitudes of small merchandise, inventory checks are already considered a nightmare. Counting a seemingly endless amount of small pieces can invite errors due to the monotony of the activity.
  • If you are still relying on a paper ledger and printed inventory charts, the process can be even more cumbersome and stressful due to an overload of documents to analyze.

While these issues are reason enough to consider investing in a mobile POS system, these inconveniences can ultimately affect your customer retention and overall revenue.

A mobile POS system is an ideal way to handle these issues and make the whole process much more bearable, efficient and less of a drag on employees. Here are 3 things a mobile POS will improve.

1. Increased Customer Trust/Satisfaction

When your inventory is free of discrepancies and eliminates the customer issues that can stem from them, this will be evidenced in that customers can trust the store to have their item in stock and ready for sale as soon as they enter the door. This typically drives repeat business, as well as recommendations to other potential customers, which contributes positively to your bottom line.

2. Building Morale and Motivation Among Employees

With the adoption of a mobile POS system and multiple terminals, inventory checks will become much more bearable and easier to perform as the process will be much more efficient. This in turn will tone down the usual disdain stock employees and sales associates typically have towards inventory checks, driving them to apply themselves, concentrate and stay on task when handling your stock.

In cases where a sales team is also responsible for inventory and merchandising, this is indispensable as it gives a sales team more time to stay on the floor and drive sales as opposed to spending that time performing lengthy item counts during a business day.

3. Planning For the Next Inventory Check

If a discrepancy goes unnoticed for a significant amount of time, it can further throw off inventory counts over time as more stock is added and removed from your counts. This is further exasperated when a miscount is detected long after it was created, leaving you with a lack of information as to why it happened, how it happened and if the merchandise was even present or sold in your store. Nobody like to write off merchandise, especially when it is an employee who may be reprimanded for it.

Since a mobile POS reduces human error and allows you to find and address discrepancies with much more precision and accuracy, this will reduce the change of major discrepancy issues within your inventory, again ensuring that your stock is accurately accounted for and your customers can purchase items with confidence.

Mobility Is Key

As with many businesses, the ability to stay mobile and efficient is key. With a mobile POS, you’ll be able to take advantage of both the obvious and subtle advantages that even one mobile terminal while your business benefits in the long run.

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Ronald Morris

Ronald Morris

Ronald Morris is the marketing manager for eHopper POS. Utilizing his vast knowledge of POS systems gained from several years in the retail industry, he now helps small business worldwide with managing their daily operations, generating profit and influencing repeat business with their customers.


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