What is a Value Proposition and Why Does Your Website Need One?

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Have you ever sat through a sales pitch or presentation and left the room with no idea what the speaker was selling? People that spend weeks, months, or years with a company can forget how to clearly describe their business and its benefits to consumers. To avoid being unrelatable and scaring away new business, every company should have a clear value proposition.

what is value prop why website needs one

What is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a short statement explaining the value of your product, and the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. This short statement should quickly allow a buyer to confirm they have found what they are looking for, and motivate them to continue navigating your website for more product information.

So how do you build a compelling value proposition?

First define who you are targeting and the problem you are trying to solve. Place priority on your problem solving capabilities, which is the reason your product is better than the competition in a notable way.

Seems easy, right? Well it is! But it’s shocking how many companies do not include this important feature on their website!

Here are some examples of vendors who do include good value propositions on their site:

Salesforce: “Close more deals from more places with the world’s #1 CRM sales app.”

Salesforce Value Prop

Opinionmeter: “Enterprise surveys made easy”

Opinionmeter Vale Prop

Five9: “Leading solutions for any call center – inbound, outbound or blended”

Five9 Value Prop

Want to create an effective value proposition like the ones above? Here are a few more steps to get started:

  • Be direct – figure out your target market and speak directly to their needs.
  • Be specific – include product information, and how your solution differs from the competition.
  • Be persuasive – emphasize urgency and speak to the major benefits of implementation.

Consumers should have a clear picture of what your product does and how they can benefit in the first five seconds of visiting your website. It’s a good idea to test unique value propositions to find out what works best for you.

How easy is it to find the value prop on your current website? Could it be improved?

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