Video: How to use Facebook for Event Planning

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Facebook’s not just for keeping in touch with your third cousin twice-removed. It’s a big component of your event planning toolbox.

Facebook for event planning

In this video, we show you all the major elements of using Facebook as an event professional, starting with the basics of setting up an event page and how to manage the platform before, during, and after an event.

Watch it, see the full transcript below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

It’s time to be more like-able.

No, I’m not talking about superlatives for the yearbook. I’m talking about Facebook.

To be a successful event planner these days, you need to be on social media.

And what’s the most popular social media platform?

If you’re like more than 70% of adults on the internet, chances are you’re used to scrolling through a newsfeed of engagements, job announcements, and babies. (Plus, Capterra’s ridiculously helpful feed.)

But Facebook needs to be in your event-planning arsenal. Your status depends on it.

Where do I start?

First things first, you have a Facebook page right? We’ll wait while you knock that out.

You good? Sweet. Let’s get to it.

You start by making a Facebook event for your shindig. Give it a fun, but descriptive, name.

Then write out an event description that entices potential guests, give them complete information on pricing and restrictions, and add a call to action. Make sure you have the important details like when and where.

Here’s a finished product. Don’t forget an eye-catching, high-resolution event image.

Now you’re ready to start inviting guests!

Share your event with followers across all your social media channels, not just Facebook, and also link to it from your website. If you’re keeping an event blog, cross-promote those posts here, and include lots of updates within the Facebook page.

While you’re getting guests hyped for the big day, let them in on your hashtag, too.

It’s time!

Your event is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you ignore Facebook.

Instead, use it as a behind-the-scenes scoop for people following along at home. Post live updates, check in with attendees during breaks to ask about their favorite parts of the event, or to spot themselves in a photo.

It’s a wrap!

You did it. It’s over. Well…not quite.

Post-event Facebook is important for event planners, too. Thank your guests for attending, share more media from the event, and ask followers to share their experiences.

Facebook’s also a great place to post recap articles and reviews, and get people jazzed for your next function!

If you want more event planning tips, tricks, and insights, go to our event management blog.

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Hey nice share about the event planning using Facebook. The important thing for any event planning is the wrap (my opinion).

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