Video Killed the Telephone Star: 5 Ways Online Video Proposals Provide an Unfair Advantage

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A long time ago in a decade far, far away, the telephone was the primary sales technology. Today it’s the computer – and for the early adopters, online video has become the primary channel to share, sell, instill confidence, and motivate prospects to close. 5 ways online video proposals advantage

You’ve read the stats but they are impressive enough to repeat:  Over 6 billion hours of video is watched each month on YouTube alone. More people watch video online than on all of the cable TV networks combined.

So how are you using video in your sales proposals?  As the folks from (a popular web-based video proposal software) like to say, if a picture is worth 1000 words, then what’s a video worth?

Here’s an outline of the 5 big value propositions for bringing video into your sales process:

  1. When selling the invisible – you can make it tangible.
    If you are selling something that no one can actually touch, like your ideas, your services or consulting, you can make it tangible with video. Use video to show off your office, team, deliverables, your concepts at a whiteboard and, of course, your confidence, charm and enthusiasm.
  2. When selling the high ticket item – you can show off the features.
    Do you sell houses, cars or yachts? Video is a great tool for showcasing the details. Take the prospect for a tour, narrate through it and showcase what’s of value.
  3. With a larger sales force – you can keep your message consistent.
    By creating an explainer video (a brief 1-2 minutes presentation about your firm or product) you can make sure your sales force has a consistent message about your firm and the confidence that you can audit their presentations any time you like.
  4. You can tap into and maintain your prospect’s enthusiasm.
    Nothing helps keep your audience excited more than your excitement. Including a strong video of you can truly boost your prospect’s excitement. If you’ve been making a living by motivating others to buy, then video is an unfair advantage for you. Dig in.
  5. You can sell the entire value proposition.
    Let’s face it. There is a lot of competition out there. If you can promote the entirety of your brand and the power of your ideas, team and products in any way, video will be it. Have fun, hire a company to create an explainer or dive in with a great Do-It-Yourself version today.

Video is here to stay. Just like a silky telephone voice was a great asset for a life on the phone, being comfortable with video is a great advantage for selling in the digital age. But only if you know how to use it well. So, if you want to sell, communicate and make your point in a compelling way, start experimenting now.

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