Video is on a Roll: Tips on How You Can Shine in the Spotlight

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Grab your iced drink and popcorn. Sit back. Hit the play button and let the video roll.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve added product overview videos to software company spotlight pages!

Spotlight page video

Apart from adding some entertainment for visitors during their research, these videos can lend a helping hand to confused first time buyers. And while, maybe, these are not going to be this summer’s blockbuster hits with draw-dropping visual effects and your favorite actors in superhero costumes, buyers hitting your play button are still going to be grateful for some quick and easy education on your solution.

So why use video, really?

We’ve talked a lot about how the overall design of your website needs to cater to the ways users consume information. Different types of media have different effects on someone’s interaction with a page.

Video is great, because you have someone’s attention focused on a very specific area where you can be much more impactful (no distracting navigation to this page or that page). Insivia reports that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.

In video, you can speak about what your product does while also showcasing your company’s personality, and you can build points that buyers relate to in a deeper manner as they experience them more fully. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Videos are also great since they allow someone to get the look and feel of your actual tool in a way that a screenshot just cannot capture.

Don’t have a huge marketing budget for outsourced video?

Don’t sweat it!

You do not need outside companies to create animated videos for you in order to leverage video effectively. You can achieve engagement in your videos by using simple low cost tools as long as you:

  • Fill your video with great storytelling
  • Make it easy to understand
  • Edit it to keep it concise.

Some low cost options to consider include screencasting tools such as Camtasia, ScreenFlow, Splice video editor, and Animoto. Some software companies are even using smart phone cameras and a production light to film directly in the office using employees – see Wistia’s demo on their homepage for a great example of simple in-house video.


What’s the best way to make effective videos?

As you work on your product videos, you will want to keep the below tips in mind:

Keep it short and simple

Your video should capture attention and give a clear taste of your product. Keep longer product demos to your sales team or specific case scenarios to other content pieces on your website. Make sure you edit your script and video content for the best concise presentation possible.

Discuss your audience’s pain points

Your messaging has to be relevant to your audience to entice them to keep watching and engage with you further down the road.

Be clear on your Value Proposition

Be up front on what your tool does and what specific niche (if any) in the market it is designed to serve.

Go over benefits not just features – be compelling!

Demonstrate the value of your tool and how the tool will lead to success for a business.

Create the experience

There is a lot you can do in video to convey your brand, from your word choice, storytelling angles, colors, music, the actors in your video, characters, and more. Make sure to consider these options as you engage with interested prospects to teach them about the values of your company.

End with a call to action

Have a free trial available or a personal product demo? Outline that as the next step a prospect should take to continue down your sales funnel.

See Pardot’s video below for a great example of many of these points:

Done with your video?

Upload it to a video hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Find great sharing locations for your video such as on your website, landing pages, in your email marketing, on social sharing networks, in your sales pitches, on Capterra, and more!

Have specific questions on how to effectively use a product demo video or have you gotten feedback on your video from prospects? Share with us, we’d like to know.

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