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What is CMMS and EAM Software and Why Do You Need It?

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CMMS and EAM stand for Computer Maintenance Management software and Enterprise Asset Management software, respectively. These programs help companies maximize asset performance, control costs, and improve operations by keeping track of vital information. Below are some reasons why companies need, and should consider getting CMMS/EAM software.

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Increased Productivity

A great benefit of CMMS software is that it allows you to schedule preventative upkeep on assets, as well as:

  • See instructions for the job that needs to be done
  • Know what you need to do in order to complete the job
  • See if you have the parts on hand in order to do the job

CMMS and EAM software should also be able to show other pertinent information such as service histories, warranties, and other information that pertains to a piece of equipment. Some companies will also have other additional benefits with their CMMS and EAM software, for example: the ability to manage and create visualizations of reports and key performance indicators.

Ease of Access

We live in an age where we need instant access to information to work efficiently, and technology has been able to keep up with this demand. Most of the CMMS and EAM software that is available has mobile data capability and can connect to the cloud for easy sharing and access from wherever you are.

These programs also allow for the flexibility to deliver information and data even if your company and/or environment change. Because of this easy access to information, CMMS and EAM software help companies be more cost effective and efficient. You can see what needs to be ordered or what needs to be done from wherever you are and also have the ability to schedule jobs, even if you are not on-site.

Longer Equipment Life

When it comes to a business, no matter what kind of equipment or assets you have, they will need some sort of maintenance. On average, preventative and routine maintenance for equipment will help your assets last longer, as well as save your company money in the long run.

Good CMMS and EAM software will help lead to decreases in unplanned repair costs and allow you to look at repairs made for an entire asset’s life, as well as help you decided if the equipment should be replaced. With regularly scheduled maintenance, your equipment will not only last longer, but will also require fewer parts replacements, directly leading to lower spending.

With the ability to help you manage your assets, personnel, work orders, procedures, and help schedule preventative maintenance; CMMS and EAM software is now a must in order for businesses to run smoothly and cost-effectively.

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