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New Video: What’s the Point of Help Desk Software?

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What does being basic and making it rain have to do with help desk software? Find out in Capterra’s latest video: What’s the Point of Help Desk Software?

What is help desk software

This video is for people considering investing in customer service software or who just want to know more about what’s out there. It covers what customer service software is, its basic features, differentiating features, and why customer service teams might want to upgrade from email and phones alone to a more comprehensive ticket management and help desk system.

Our research suggests that software can improve customer service by improving ticket resolution time, agent productivity and agent job satisfaction. And according to Harvard Business School, a 5% higher retention rate translates to 25%-95% in additional profits.

To compare help desk software options, check out our Top 20 Help Desk Software infographic.


Acme customer service, this is Cathy. How can I help you today?

I’m so sorry you’ve been waiting two weeks! Let me find your ticket.

Scene: Searching for tickets everywhere in the office. In the freezer. Under books. In the printer.

Are you losing track of tickets? Failing to meet your SLAs? Got more issues than Vogue? It might be time for help desk software. What is help desk software, you ask? Stay tuned!

What’s the Point of Help Desk Software?

But first, why invest in help desk software? Our latest survey of help desk software users shows using dedicated software vastly improves ticket resolution time, agent productivity and agent job satisfaction.

Help desk software improves

  • Ticket resolution time
  • Agent productivity
  • Agent job satisfaction

What’s that mean for you? Better customer service! Which means dollars.

According to Harvard Business School, a 5% higher retention rate translates to 25%-95% in additional profits. Ca-ching!

What is help desk software

Making it rain

At its most basic, help desk software turns customer service requests into tickets.

It saves time when you can get all the information on your client quickly and easily. Help desk software puts history from phone calls, social media, contact forms, chats, and more into one searchable database.

And it lets you prioritize those urgent issues instead of just stacking them up in the order they came in.

What is help desk software

Looking for lost tickets

So that’s basic help desk software. But some help desk software is more basic than others.

Here are some popular features and how they help you offer superior customer service.

Popular Help Desk Software Features

Many help desk software programs will save you time by automatically assigning tickets to agents and allowing you to transfer tickets among agents. So if a customer is asking about something your co-worker Bill knows a lot about, it’s easy to transfer the ticket to him.

  • Automatically assign tickets to agents
  • Transfer tickets among agents

Hey Bill, this customer needs your expertise!

Besides help from experts, customers also want to get answers fast. Ideally, they want the option to fix the problem themselves without having to talk to anyone.

Certain help desk software products will help you turn frequent problems into knowledge base articles.

Another way help desk software can offer immediate help is through integrated live chat functionality.

Or, maybe your customers prefer to get in touch via social media. Some help desk software turn these requests into tickets automatically.

The whole point of help desk software is to provide high-quality customer service more efficiently.

So that’s help desk software in a nutshell. If you’d like a list of options to compare, click here. To see which help desk software is most popular, check out our infographic.

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