What We’ve Learned from 200,000 Software Reviews

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Recently, thanks to the remarkable review collection efforts from software businesses like you, we’ve celebrated having over 200,000 software reviews published across the Gartner Digital Markets Network — Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice making us the world’s largest software reviews site, and the go-to resource for software buyers to read and leave reviews to generate recommendations for your products!

After hitting this exciting milestone, we couldn’t wait to dig into all these reviews and find out what they have in common. Specifically, we looked for key industry trends and reviewer behaviors to learn more about what information software buyers are sharing — and how reviews impact which software stood out among the competition — so you can keep these trends in mind as you continue to build your online reputation.

Check out the five most interesting findings:

One quarter of all reviews have been collected in 2017 alone

In less than a half of a year, we’ve successfully generated thousands of verified reviews. This impressive review boost shows that reviews are a top priority in the software industry today — with no signs of slowing down! We’ve consistently seen our review growth increase over the last several years at a steady rate. In 2013 and 2014 total reviews on Capterra grew by ~33% each year, then by ~50% in 2014 and 2015. Last year our total reviews continued to grow by ~65% — and we’re on track to set new record growth in 2017!

Reviews influence buyers and help you get more leads

After evaluating software vendors who advertise on Capterra, those with recent reviews get 67% more traffic and 75% more leads than those without reviews. This demonstrates that buyers are actively focusing on reviews during their software research, and they’re pursuing businesses with a strong reputation. Don’t miss your chance to make a buyer’s shortlist just because your reviews aren’t helping you get noticed! If it’s been awhile since you focused on collecting reviews, sign up for our Reviews as a Service program which has helped hundreds of software products to quickly get reviews from their clients.

Most reviews are submitted from happy clients

A common concern when it comes to review recruitment efforts is the fear of a negative review, or a potential decline in overall rating by generating more reviews. We certainly understand wanting to protect your reputation, but not requesting reviews consistently is actually more likely to hurt your business than help it. We’ve found that the average overall rating for software on Capterra is an impressive 4.5 stars! This shows that the majority of reviewers leave a positive review to help other buyers who are interested in your software. Download our review response whitepaper for additional tips on how to take control of your reviews!

You’re killing it at customer service

After analyzing the average ratings for all these reviews, we found that reviewers were most impressed by their software’s commitment to customer support — including the quality of the service they receive and typical response time. This is not an easy achievement for many businesses, so keep up the great work focusing on your client experience! We found that the area with greatest room for improvement is how well the software’s features and functionality meet their business needs. Boost your own functionality rating by proactively collecting client feedback, and sharing their pressing needs with your development team so common issues can be clearly recognized and more quickly resolved.

Focus on common pain points to crush review collection

In 2017, the directories with the most new reviews had a few things in common. They focus on helping clients boost their productivity, track their work, or help facilitate collaboration. This is telling about the most common business concerns facing the B2B buyer today — and how software designed to solve these issues really resonate with their clients and compel them to leave feedback. But regardless of your software’s focus, there’s something everyone can learn from this trend — focus on the pain point you solve. Consider calling out the most common pain point your software was designed to address when you reach out to your clients to request reviews. This will help guide your client to mention how your solution has helped their business be more successful, which is the type of messaging that will really resonate with other buyers in a similar situation!

Use these findings to your advantage!

Now that you’re caught up on latest review trends, it’s time to give your profile a boost with new reviews. Here’s three easy ways:

  • Request reviews by using your reviews form: Send your clients a request to leave your business a review through a dedicated email, newsletter inclusion, blog post or even social media posts. Remember the larger your audience, the greater the result!
  • Request a review from within your account: Navigate to the Gather Reviews section within your vendor portal and click ‘Request a Review’ and an new email will pop-up with a link to your review form. Personalize the email to your client, add some copy to encourage them to review your business, and hit send!
  • Sign up for the Reviews as a Service (RaaS) program: This free program is the easiest way to get more reviews. Simply provide who you would like to ask for a review from, then we’ll reach out on your behalf with a co-branded email — and you’ll see the reviews roll in. Let us know if you have any questions!

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