Which Price is Right for Your Membership Management Software Solution?

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I bought my first cell phone when I turned eighteen years old. Since I was new to buying my own phone plan, I went along with my parent’s suggestions and signed up with Verizon since that was the provider they had always used.

Yet after a year of paying these phone bills, I realized I was paying way too much for my basic phone plan and began to look elsewhere. There were three other major providers I could choose from: Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. I wanted to upgrade from my basic phone to a smartphone while still paying a reasonable monthly rate and retaining reasonable reception. After all of my research I went with Sprint and got my first smartphone.

I still have Sprint as my provider to this day and I am happy with the service that I am given.

price membership mgmt software

Well the process of buying the right membership management software (aka association management software) is a similar process when it comes down to comparing multiple vendors’ prices and features. Different vendors will accommodate associations and groups of all sizes, but it’s important that you find a vendor that best fits your budget and your company needs.

Here are the prices, features, and software options you can expect to find in your membership management software search.

Free solution

Price range: No cost

Features: Most free solutions provide basic features, such as membership tracking and renewals, online member payments, a searchable member directory, event registration, and web page control. Some of these solutions are also “Open-source” solutions which provide access to the source code so that code savvy users can improve the software that they use.

These systems are built for casual use and small organizations, so you will be limited by member numbers, social sharing capabilities, and sometimes limited to no tech/customer support.

Three Notable Examples:

  1. Big Tent
  1. Amidio
  1. CiviCRM (Open Source)

Low-end solution

Price range: $25-$195/month, depending on 1 – 500 members.

Features: These solutions offer many of the same basic features as a free solution, but are fit for small to mid-sized membership organizations with a smaller budget. Low-end systems incorporate a few more functions then a free solution.

Three Notable Examples:

  1. NeonCRM
  1. Wild Apricot
  1. MemberPlanet

Mid-range solution

Price range: $200 – $770/month depending on 15,000 – 25,000 members, plus setup, training, and support fees

Features: A mid-range solution caters to mid to large-sized membership associations that also need a system for fundraising and donations. Their features are deeper than basic membership management software and usually provide functions that are specific to nonprofits and associations.

These solutions have a better ability to configure applications to your organization’s standards and provide more functions than a low-end or free solution.

Three Notable Examples:

  1. MemberLeap
  1. 123 Signup
  1. Tendenci (Open Source)

High-end solution

Price range (according to Idealware): $15,000 – $100,000 annual fee depending on your number of members, and $30,000-hundreds of thousands of dollars for implementation and setup fees.

Features: These software solutions are meant for large professional or trade associations which require in-depth features and much larger member storage capabilities than their smaller counterparts.

High-end membership management software includes features such as fundraising campaigns, project management, course management, and integration capabilities with office suite programs and email hosts.

Three Notable Examples:

  1. Agilon One Membership Management
  1. Personify
  1. YourMembership


Not only are there different levels of membership management software, but it is also offered in different pricing models. In order to find out which membership management software pricing model is right for you, be sure to read more about them here!

Have you used any of these software solutions? What did you like or not like about them? Let us know in the comments below!

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