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Why Your Marketing Team Needs Digital Asset Management Software

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When marketing teams add software to their technology stack, the most common types seem to be a no brainer: CRM software, email marketing software, and social media marketing software are the top used solutions by marketing teams.

In 2015, only 5% of companies used Digital Asset Management software (DAM), with just 10% planning to implement it later that year. What’s probably stopping marketers from using DAM software (so far) is that they don’t yet understand how much it simplifies marketing processes:

Digital Asset Management provides you with a centralized online hub to create, manage, share, track, and find digital assets. It becomes a source of cohesion for your marketing stack by integrating seamlessly with your other software.

If you struggle to keep track of multiple file versions or you find yourself losing control of brand assets, then a DAM could help.


So after taking that in, ask yourself, would your marketing team benefit from DAM software? To answer that question, I decided to turn to one of the experts: Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, one of the most popular digital asset management solutions in the industry. With her help, I’ve come up with the top four reasons why 2016 is the year to join the DAM world.

1. Manage ALL digital files in one central location

“Can you send me the PNG version of our logo for use in an email template, in the right size dimensions that our email marketing system allows?”

How many times have marketers heard these types of requests from teams around their organization? Sending the same digital assets and files over and over again to various departments and users, not really sure who even has the right versions of different files. It’s enough to drive a brand manager mad!

With Digital Asset Management software, you can not only store all of your digital files (pictures, logos, videos, just to name a few), but collaborate with other team members on these assets. Manage the creative approval process from start to finish, and collect feedback at every stage, all within one platform.   

Court explains the beauty of how DAM software improves collaboration and communication between Marketing and the rest of an organization:

“DAM software gives marketers a method to manage creative content madness. A DAM is not just a shared drive in the cloud to store creative files, but rather a process for uploading, versioning, categorizing, assigning permissions, approving and streamlining distribution.  A DAM actually saves you thousands of dollars per year, by ensuring creative content is easily searchable, there are no duplication of assets which are purchased several times by different business units, and it also cuts out shipping costs for sending large files.”

2. Share digital content across multiple channels

It’s old news that content is being consumed digitally at an increasing rate. Whether it’s through blogs and eBooks, or video and social media, if you as a marketer are not able to easily share your digital assets, no one is going to interact with your brand.

For serious content marketers, DAM software really is a must. You can share content directly from your system, sending the best content to right audience, through integrations with other marketing software and online promotion channels.  

Court agrees that DAM software is crucial to the success of all marketing initiatives and technology:  

“For a DAM to be truly effective, it shouldn’t be an island, but rather, a critical element of a marketer’s technology stack. As such, a DAM must have API’s so it can integrate with content management solutions (CMS’s), and other marketing technologies such as email and social media.”

3. Tracking your assets and files becomes effortless

“In a multi-channel media world, it is more important than ever for marketers to have a process to manage the usage and sharing of digital assets. Digital Asset Management in effect not only ensures brands are compliant with regards to talent usage rights, but DAM software also assists in creative quality and consistency.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. What Court is stressing is the importance of tracking your digital assets. After you’ve shared your assets, both internally and externally, it’s incredibly important to stay aware how they’re actually being used, whether it’s during different stages of a workflow, or if the proper brand guidelines are being utilized once the finished product was delivered. Just like any other marketing strategy, tracking is key!   

4. Secure location for assets integral to your brand

Security solutions certainly have improved as technology advances, but that also means it’s even easier for your digital assets to be compromised. Knowing that files crucial to your brand image and marketing strategy are not properly secure, should keep you up all night.

DAM software not only offers one central locations for your digital assets, but it’s a secure location, with features that guarantee your important files are safe. For example, you can customize user permissions so that only people who need certain assets will be able to access them.

Instead of one big, messy folder where anyone could alter or delete your files, you’ll have control over who can (and should!) be managing those assets.  


How does Digital Asset Management software make life easier for your marketing team? Why should every marketing team have one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Caroline Malamut

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