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Remember my January post about New Year’s resolutions and my vow to “take an interest in Pinterest?”  Well, I have. And I’m not just talking about my daughter’s Wizard of Oz themed birthday party board and my “I Would So Wear This” fashion board (although, those are pretty awesome and if I were you I’d go check them out). Capterra’s Marketing Department has also joined Pinterest and started pinning all kinds of cool stuff: everything from our own blog posts about finding software to infographics about social media and other things that we find interesting, and even “tech geek” thats pintresting

In my short time on Pinterest, I’ve made a few observations: it’s addictive, it works better for some industries than others (insurance: not so much, retail: most definitely), and, since it’s still so new, its value in the B2B world has not been proven.

So will Capterra keep pinning? Probably so because…

  1. It really doesn’t take much time at all, especially when you add the “Pin It” button to your tool bar. That way, whenever you see anything pin-worthy, you can just click the button and not even leave that web page.
  2. If we do it effectively, Pinterest can help keep us “top of mind” for future customers—especially those in the Retail, Salon, Event and Restaurant industries.
  3. It’s good for brand building. You may or not know this, but Capterra is a pretty big deal (I hope you read that in your best Anchorman Ron Burgundy voice).  We’re also a really smart and fun!  Sometimes it’s hard to get that message across because we’re not a huge company and there are billions of people in the world and at least 5 million of them are on Pinterest, according to metrics from ComScore.  The stats show that women account for most of those users so it’s a great way to tap in to that demographic.
  4. There’s link-building potential. Everything that you put up on the site counts as a back-linked image, whereas most social networks put a ‘no follow’ tag on links. That means Pinterest can drive traffic to your site and also improve your image results in Google search
  5. We’re a tech company, so it makes sense that we should try whatever’s new and hip in the tech word. (Do hip people still use the word hip?)

Also, throughout our Pin-tastic adventure, we’ve some business software companies using Pinterest.

Are you one of them? Follow us and we’ll follow you back. And leave a comment below to tell us about how Pinterest is going for you!

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Besa Pinchotti

Besa Pinchotti is Marketing Director at Capterra. By day, she helps connect buyers and sellers of business software. By night, she uses her skills as a former journalist to tell the stories of troubled software buyers so the world can learn from their lessons.



It is a crazy-exciting industry! In fact, just since posting this, I’ve discovered Gentlemint.

Chris Brogan calls it “Pinterest for dudes.” I call it “one more thing to pay attention to.”


I can’t believe how quickly Pinterest went from under-the-radar to being everywhere I look! (here, LinkedIn, Mashable, …) I’m just getting used to saying the word and now I have to race to see if it can help as part of our marketing mix. What a crazy (yet exciting) industry we work in 🙂

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic!

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